Law Enforcement DNA

Law Enforcement DNA Registry (LED-NAR)



Police Officer Sperm

From Child Rape Scene




Presently, Police Officers all across the country are committing horrendous crimes against children and women.  Often, they get away with these acts because their DNA is not contained in any known database.  Attempts to compare Police Officers DNA sperm samples  left at the scene or collected from a rape kit are of no value considering the cops DNA is not contained in any National Database such as CODIS, the Combined DNA Indexing System.  Consequently, the Police Officer is never apprehended and continues raping and sodomizing women and children with impunity.

To remedy this flaw in the criminal justice system, COPFOX has been  working with Congress in order to pass a National Law Enforcement DNA Registry (LEDNAR).  Once passed, this legislation would require all law enforcement to provide a DNA sample for inclusion in the database.  Such DNA would provide a permanent record for linking cop rapes with specific perpetrators.  Needless to say, most Police Officers are hesitant about providing their DNA, knowing that any past crimes they may have committed would be uncovered, along with their involvement in any future sexual assaults.



Artist Rendition of the

Golden State Killer

Police Officer

Joseph James DeAngelo





COPFOX initiated these efforts for LEDNAR due to the circumstances surrounding the Golden State Killer (Police Officer Joseph James DeAngelo).  For years he raped over 50 women in California and murdered 13 of them.    He also committed over 120 burglaries.  Because his DNA was not on file, the sperm he left behind could not be cross referenced, allowing him to continue his rape/killing spree for many years, often as a full time Police Officer.  Eventually, after 45 years he was apprehended in Florida.  By that time he was 72 years old.  The only reason he was captured was the use of Genetic Genealogy where his DNA was compared against people who submitted their DNA for purposes of finding out about their genetic history.  By narrowing down the genetic gene pool to a selection of relatives who closely matched his DNA, his identity was eventually revealed.

Right now there are thousands of Police Officers on duty who have raped a child or woman.  Many, over the years have been promoted to the rank of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, or Chief.  They belong in prison, and are of the same ilk as Joseph James DeAngelo.  Although COPFOX has thousands of pictures of convicted rapist Police Officers on file, many more are on the loose, prowling the streets using their uniforms and badges as tools to thwart their apprehension.  They are chameleons who know their DNA is “not on file” and take full advantage of that fact.  As Police Officers they are often informed about the location and schedules of single women or children (School Resource Officers) and can prey on them when they are alone or in a secluded location.  Leaving only their sperm behind.

Please contact your Senator or Congressman and voice your support for the National Law Enforcement DNA Registry.  Help us put thousand of cops behind bars and prevent countless rape of women and children all across America. For information about corrupt cops, please visit: Cop Mug Shots

Although we could post thousands of corrupt cop pictures on our sister site, we limit the quantity due to time and space.  At you will see that many Police Chiefs and Federal Agents are sociopaths and serial rapists, whose identities only come to light after years of raping countless women and children (as young as 4 years old).  Some Police Officers are focused specifically on young boys.  One West Virginia Police Captain sodomized over 1,000 underage boys before he was apprehended.

Unfortunately, virtually every Police Department across America has multiple corrupt cops on payroll, whose objective is not to serve and protect, but to rape and sodomize.  Often, the local Police Headquarters is used as a “safe house” for cops, where children are brought in off the streets for questioning and then “gang-banged” by numerous cops, including the Chief of Police.  His involvement assures others that there will be a coordinated and sustained cover-up of their activities. This type of arrangement can go on for years undetected.  Many of these Police Officers retire and go on committing the same types of crimes, emboldened by their past exploits and ability to remain hidden and protected by fellow Police Officers.

Parents are strongly advised to keep a close watch on your children, and speak to them regarding the dangers of any association they may have with Police Officers, who often assume roles as Camp Counselor, Coach, Mentor, or Friend – only to formulate a relationship with the child that eventually leads to a sexual assault. Parents should be especially mindful of any Police Officer presence around their children.  This includes cops who work as School Resource Officers (SRO’s).  All across America, Police Officers working in schools are being convicted of sexual assault on the children they are supposed to be “protecting.”  Any time you see a Police Officer around a child, there is cause for concern.

The Law Enforcement DNA Registry (LEDNAR) is designed to be a parallel investigative tool that works in unison with the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS).  When a serious crime has occurred, such as rape, murder, kidnapping, etc. and DNA has been left behind, then investigators process the DNA through both systems looking for a “hit.”  Presently, those people investigating  crimes are left out of the loop of potential suspects, when the first order of business should be to clear those closest to the crime scene.  Often, those same investigators live in the same community as the victim, and have intimate knowledge of their daily lives.  For the past 75 years, investigations have gone south because evidence is uncovered that links a “local yokel” Police Officer as the perpetrator. Immediately, the investigation comes to a screeching halt, or worse; evidence is planted to incriminate an innocent person – sometimes leading to their being falsely convicted and imprisoned.

Had LEDNAR been in effect when the Golden State Killer went on his rampage many years ago, he would have been apprehended after the first rape.  Similarly, there are thousands of present day cold cases that could be solved overnight by simply inputting cold case DNA into a LEDNAR database.  Is it any wonder Chiefs of Police are adamantly opposed to such an investigative tool – it could imprison them for life. But it would also prevent many future rapes and murders, which is the entire objective of the investigative process.

Hopefully, LEDNAR legislation will pass through Congress which will greatly enhance the Criminal Justice System.