Cop Guilty of 78 Murders

A Russian Police Officer has been found guilty of killing 78 people (77 women and 1 man). As with many Police Officers, he used his position to lure women into his patrol vehicle and then drove to a secluded location where he raped and bludgeoned them to death. He disposed of the bodies by dumping them in wooded areas or along the roadside. He was eventually convicted after his DNA was linked to the young women.

Police Officer Mikhail Popkov


There are many Mikhail Popkovs running loose across America, working in small towns and large city Police Departments. COPFOX urges citizens to be cautious when interacting with any Police Officer, especially if you are a woman. Accepting rides in a Police vehicle can be deadly.

COPFOX is in the process of having legislation passed in Congress which would require that all Police Officers in the United States be DNA tested, and their DNA placed in a national COP-DNA Database. This Database would be used during criminalĀ investigations to link potential cop perpetrators to rapes, murders, and other criminal activity. It is estimated that over 7% of all Police Officers in the United States are involved with some form of criminal activity. This statistic is even higher in small towns where nepotism and cronyism are rampant, and there is limited oversight.