China Invasion of Taiwan Imminent

General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Xi JinPing

China Invasion of Taiwan Imminent

Chinese leaders have already measured the sum and substance of Joe Biden and they’ve made a critical assesment of both his character and ability to prevent their taking over Taiwan in the very near future.  They realize that Joe Biden is a one term President and is incapable of leadership.  China also realizes that any future US President may pose serious challenges to a military takeover of Taiwan, so their “window of opportunity” is closing very quickly.  The must invade Taiwan within the next 12 – 18 months to take full advantage of a US President who is mentally impaired and unable to direct the US Military.  By the time the invasion takes place, US forces will be nowhere in sight and the Taiwanese people won’t know what hit them.

China is conducting extensive military maneuvers over and around Taiwan in order to assess their potential weaknesses.  They have a first strike ability and will surely utilize it to knock out essential Taiwanese radar, air, and sea defenses. Once the attack begins, Taiwan will no longer exist as an “independent” nation, but will become fully incorporated into China.  We can then expect to see numerous Taiwanese leaders imprisoned or killed.  Given the condition of the US Military and it’s leadership, there is very little they can do to prevent or dissuade China from annexing Taiwan, especially with a Commander In Chief who is suffering from dementia.

The fact that President Biden left Afghanistan in such a horrendous condition, ceding authority to the Taliban and providing them with over 80 Billion in Military hardware, surely sent a message to General Secretary Xi JinPing that America has abandoned it’s long standing role as a defender of human rights and democratic ideals.  Xi Jin Ping is much smarter that Biden and will take full advantage of a senile old man who has initiated US policies that defy logic – such as open borders, consorting with terrorists, and abandoning American citizens in a foregin and hostile country such as Afghanistan.  If Joe Biden is willing to turn his back on the American People, then the Taiwanese will fare no better and get no support from him or the US Military; they are on their own dealing with China. Experts estimate that a military invasion of Taiwan by China can be completed in less that one week.

If you thought you’ve seen the worst of Joe Biden; you ain’t seen nothin yet.    His policies have already destroyed the US economy and decimated   America’s standing with foreign nations.  Wait until China invades Taiwan, then you’ll see Joe Biden cowering under his desk in the Oval Office. His  kiss ass Cabinet Cronies and Press Secretary won’t be able to save him from the wrath of Xi JinPing.  America is getting what it deserves for electing a senile old man to lead the country, not realizing the catastropic results that can ensue.  The worst is yet to come. Hold on to your seats.

Senile Joe Biden Doesn’t Have a Clue – He’s No Match for Xi JinPing