LA County Sheriff Pissed Off


After two Sheriff Officers were ambushed, the LA County Sheriff Alex Villaneuva said he was “pissed off.”  The Sheriff should consider how thousands of residents of Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc. feel about not having any police protection and seeing their businesses burnt to the ground while cops stand idly around and twiddle their thumbs.  They have been pissed off for a long time now.  In these cities the Police Officers who are being paid to serve and “protect” were cowards and watched as citizens were assaulted and looting continued night after night.  The shooting of these two Sheriff Officers is a direct result of the failure of cops in these cities to take the necessary steps to arrest lawbreakers and maintain peace.  Once criminals realize they can do anything they want and get away with it, there are no limits to the damage and destruction they can cause, this includes shooting two Sheriff Officers at point-blank range.  These Deputies were also shot because the Prosecutors, Mayors, and Governors where riots recently took place did nothing but make excuses and take the side of the rioters.  Even worse, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have met with all of the so-called victims of “police brutality” but have not taken the time to meet with any cops that have been shot (usually by ex-cons with extensive criminal records that include crimes such as rape, theft, assault, robbery, drug possession/sale, etc.).  The priorities of the Politicians, Prosecutors, Police Chiefs, and Sheriffs are all the same, suck up to the criminals in order to get votes and stay in office.  If cops get shot, who cares.

Right now the LA Sheriffs Department is playing a game of hide and seek with the evidence in this case.  They have a lot more information about the shooter than they are putting forth.  Just by observing the video of the two Deputies being ambushed we can see a shooter who is not very tall, wearing pants hanging down around their hips, and running away at a very swift pace.  No doubt, there are other videos available of the shooter, and the video taken at the station can be enlarged revealing the person’s race and sex.  The dress alone reveals that this person is probably an ex-con with an ax to grind. They can also be a juvenile, who often wear their pants down to emulate prisoners and wear a hood/hat for concealment.  If the LA Sheriffs Department wants to catch this shooter they must start cooperating with the public.  The shooter could also be a lone wolf who is a member of ANTIFA or BLM, both of which have radicalized elements.  The one thing is certain –  this person has now tasted blood and will not stop until he maims or kills other cops.  These types of individuals often travel to an area to commit such a crime and scope out their target well in advance.  This was a well-orchestrated ambush by someone who could be from another state or a mile or two away from the station.  Right now he/she is reveling in their achievement and making plans for a future attack.

Another issue that is problematic about this situation is the lack of training demonstrated by both Deputies.  Neither had any situational awareness and allowed themselves to be ambushed and shot multiple times.  Very poor training on the part of the Sheriff’s Department.

COPFOX predicts that the shooter may never be captured, and will probably target other Officers in a few months.  If he/she is a lone wolf, then the reward money is meaningless.  He’s not going to turn himself in to get a reward.  Also, thousands of radicals and anarchists admire and applaud what the shooter has done.  Some of them appeared at the hospital where the wounded Sheriff Officers were taken and chanted for them to die.  Many of these radicals and anarchists have weapons and are contemplating their next move, which could involve the mass slaying of Police Officers.  Unfortunately, today’s cops are just so stupid and ignorant that they will be easy targets.

COPFOX encourages law enforcement personnel to take appropriate action when you see a crime being committed  This includes having the courage to tell your Chief of Police or Sheriff to go to hell when they order you to stand down and not make arrests.  These two Sheriff Officers are now all shot up because so many cops in the past year “followed orders” and failed to perform their lawful duty.  Don’t expect the Chief of Police or Sheriff to be there when you need assistance – they will be right where they always are – hiding behind a desk at HQ.