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Anthony Warner

Nashville Bomber






The Nashville bomber had his way with the city police and the FBI.  For years they were warned that he was “experimenting” with explosives and they did nothing to stop him or investigate his activities.  However, they did show up at his home a few times and asked a few questions, but evidently, he was never there when they appeared, and they dropped the issue.

The dangers of having complacent/incompetent law enforcement agencies are quite evident by now.  The FBI seems to be establishing a pattern of failure when it comes to preventing terrorist attacks or bombings.  A few years ago they were warned about the Tsarnaev brothers who committed the Boston Marathon Bombing.  Russian intelligence warned the FBI that the Tsarnaev’s were traveling back and forth to eastern Europe for terrorist training, yet the FBI failed to connect the dots.  Also, we can only speculate on how much information (if any) the FBI had on those involved with the World Trade Center attack, and why more was not done to prevent it.  A coordinated attack such as the one committed on 9/11 requires extensive planning, training, communications, and funding; yet the FBI was caught completely unaware and oblivious to any danger.  This pattern of neglect and ignorance has been a hallmark of law enforcement for many years now, with no end in sight.

What can be gleaned from the Nashville bombing is just how careless and ineffective local and federal law enforcement really are, and how easy it is to slip through the cracks with high explosives and blow up a city block.  The RV used by Warren in the attack was not that big and except for the audible warning it gave out prior to detonation, many lives could have been lost.

What if somebody rents or owns a tractor-trailer and fills it with explosive, and drives it into a major city, leaving it where crowds are gathered.  Can the FBI stop them?  Probably not.  To further complicate the matter, they could label the exterior with the logo of a delivery service or manufacturing company; giving it an air of legitimacy.  Alternatively, they could put the logo of a news organization on the side along with a large antenna and dish on top.  Would local, city, or federal authorities be able to detect the imminent danger?  Based upon prior events it is highly unlikely law enforcement can be trusted to detect and prevent another Nashville bombing or worse.  For this reason, citizens should be very concerned about their safety.

Anthony Warner’s activities are a red flag to the public.  COPFOX advises citizens not to rely on law enforcement for protection or safety.  They can barely protect themselves (Seattle, Portland, NYC, etc.). How can we expect them to keep the public safe?  What the public can and should do is be vigilant and cognizant of dangers in their surroundings.  Stay away from large crowds as well as situations that appear unusual, such as trucks parked alongside the curb for extended periods of time.  However, given the vulnerabilities of most cities, and their density this can prove to be quite difficult.  Is it any wonder so many people are moving out of cities and are reluctant to attend large gatherings?

Another developing issue that is quite dangerous is the incorporation of driverless vehicles and trucks into the mass transit system.  Right now some trucking companies are using “driverless” freight trucks to haul their goods over interstate roads.  Eventually, this system will be widespread and trucks loaded with high explosives could potentially be driven into NYC or any other major city and left to explode remotely.  Same thing with drones.

The bottom line for citizens is to be cautious at all times and never trust law enforcement.  They have already proven themselves to be aligned with many corrupt elements in society and for the right price will look the other way, or actively participate in terrorist activities.  Many people are wondering how Anthony Warner got away with his Nashville attack when so much evidence was available months before.  Could it be that law enforcement was a participant in the planning and execution of the attack?  Nashville PD and the FBI will profit from the attack by getting millions of federal dollars (already passed by Congress).  The only way these agencies stay in existence is by allowing existential threats to continue thereby prompting legislatures to increase their funding.  Also, many in law enforcement slip under the radar and work directly for terrorists, gangs, and drug dealers; lining their pockets at the expense of hard-working citizens.

The Nashville bombing should prompt local, state, and federal governments to defund police departments.  The money spent on them could be redirected to programs and initiatives that actually work and keep communities safe.  Not wasted on police officers who are corrupt and ineffective.

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