Joe Biden Calls Blacks BINO’s

                                           “VOTE FOR BIDEN – DON’T BE A BINO”


In a recent interview Joe Biden schooled a black host by warning him:

If you have a problem

figuring out whether you are for me or for Trump,

then you ain’t black.


Like Hillary Clinton, once Biden is in front of black people he begins to use black slang, with words like “you ain’t” that purportedly link him up with their situation in life.  Biden believes his words convey to the blacks that he is “one of them” and understands their plight in America.  After all, at one time he was a lifeguard at a black pool where the black kids would stroke his legs.


We have all heard the term RINO (Republican In Name Only), the term BINO means “Black In Name Only.”  Joe Biden has made himself the designator of who is really black and who isn’t.  The litmus test he is using to determine “blackness” is whether or not the black person votes for him or Trump.  If they vote for Trump then they are BINO’s (Black In Name Only).  Nothing else matters right now to Biden except getting as many votes as possible, even if it involves “black shaming.”  In the long term, Joe Biden knows what’s best for blacks, since he understands that blacks don’t have the mental capacity to make rationale/thoughtful decisions for themselves.  The issues are just too complex.  They can trust him to make the right decisions for them.


Blacks have had a difficult time in America since coming here as slaves over 200 years ago.  Many are presently confounded and confused about their identity, who they are, and where they belong and don’t belong.  Recently, the US Government and TV media have teamed up to promote black people in advertising by offering significant tax credits to advertisers for showing blacks in traditionally white roles. (It’s not just Joe Biden who wants to turn African Americans into white people by redefining their identity).  Now blacks are often portrayed in television commercials as being family-oriented, hugging their children, driving a Lexus, or going on a picnic with a dozen white people.  They are never portrayed in their natural habitat, wearing historical black garb, or participating in traditional black activities.

The average black American simply cannot relate to this false/deceptive message and becomes angry and disillusioned when being told how to act like a white person.  Often they violently strike out against society, venting their anxiety and frustration at their inability to live up to a variety of white standards and norms, which are not inherently part of their genetic makeup.   Advertisers could care less – they want the government tax credits; the hell with the plight of the African American living in poverty or a ghetto. Or, the fact that 75% of all black children are illegitimate.  It’s just good advertising PR to show that your company cares about blacks and is doing everything it can to change blacks into typical everyday white Americans.

It’s all about inclusion, regardless of the negative consequences or the damage caused to those whose identities have been misrepresented and diminished.  The blacks in America are conflicted and have lost all contact with their “roots.”  As such, they are being taken advantage of by the likes of Biden and the media who really don’t like seeing a black person acting like a black person. Biden telling them how to vote is a prime example of how little the politicians trust the blacks.  They much prefer blacks who are submissive and blending into the white population.  Turning blacks into “whites” is on their list of things to do and often entails dropping blacks from Somalia and other African nations right into the midst of a white American community via the U.S. State Dept. Lottery programs and immigration VISA’s, where their “blackness” can be scrubbed out of them.  These white communities are like social washing machines designed to bleach out the blackness of arriving Africans.  Ultimately, the Bidens of America seek a race of BINO’s, where blacks are indistinguishable from the white population.  Blacks in this condition would be much easier to control and “keep in line.”

Like the Democrats who ran the slave plantations in the deep south years ago, the present Democrats want to put the yoke of whiteness on blacks and eliminate any signs of black identity or independence.  They have weaponized the black vote against the black population.  Biden is nothing more than a current-day slave master who resents any black that challenges his authority; reminding them of their place in society and rebuking those who forget who they are.  By telling them “you ain’t black” he is asserting his dominant position over the black race and confirming his authority to tell blacks how they should behave – (like a slave in servitude).

You see, politicians and Washington bureaucrats don’t want to see any blacks at all, even in Africa.  They perceive blacks as being unpredictable.  Their solution is to transport blacks to America where they can be transformed and indoctrinated into white civilization, thereby erasing all of their blackness once and for all.  Once in America, they will have to assimilate, and the white population will show them what’s best for them, and how to act properly, not like savages.  The US State Department has this all figured out and uses taxpayer dollars to fund their social engineering programs.  If elected Biden would accelerate these programs designed to eradicate all blackness from the face of the earth, even those living in Africa.  He needs black votes to make this happen.

Biden is like a con-man or advertising executive telling people what they should want or not want; and how they should conduct their daily lives.  He just cannot relate to how blacks in America live.  He bases his assumptions about “blackness” on how they vote and not who they are.  He is a shallow man who is extremely deceptive.


Black Americans should remember that if they don’t vote for Biden, then:

“YOU AIN’T BLACK”  – YOU ARE A BINO (a black in name only).