The Problems With SWAT



Police Sgt. Richard Conte Howell Township, NJ

SWAT Commander Monmouth County, NJ







The Conte matter has been rescheduled for February 20th, 2020 in Ocean County NJ Superior Court (Criminal Division). The Conte case has been pending for over 1 year and has been adjourned over and over again with no final disposition.  This raises some serious questions as to the propriety of the proceedings and whether or not a plea deal is in the offing.    


Many NJ citizens are concerned over corruption in the Ocean County Courts, particularly with  Judges and Prosecutors. In past court cases in Ocean County, a Judge’s willingness to delay proceedings against those in law enforcement would often indicate a deal has been made and payoffs distributed. It takes time to coordinate payoffs to corrupt Judges and Prosecutors to make them appear as legitimate contributions or expenses. The longer they can postpone a case the easier it is for them to conceal their illegal conduct.

COPFOX will continue to monitor this case and report on results.  At present it is unknown whether or not the Judges and Prosecutors in the Conte matter are up to any shenanigans, only time will tell, and the verdict/sentence will reveal a great deal.  Other cases that are part of OPERATION OPEN HOUSE have also been delayed for no apparent reason, other than for the convenience of the defendant – very strange indeed. In the meantime, alleged sex-predators are on the loose in New Jersey with the full blessings of the Court.      


New Jersey Police Sergeant Richard Conte will appear in Court on February 20th, 2020, to face charges related to his online attempts to meet and have sex with a 15-year-old girl.  Numerous sting operations in NJ and other states have apprehended many Police Officer child predators – ranging from Patrolman to Chiefs of Police.  There seems to be an abundance of sexual deviants within the Police ranks and parents need to be aware of the danger they present to young children.  COPFOX will post the results of Sergeant Conte’s trial as soon as they become available.  We will also critique the verdict and sentence considering New Jersey’s reputation for corrupt prosecutors and judges.

All too often in New Jersey, pre-trial payments are made to influence judges and secure leniency for indicted public officials.  Conte’s trial may or may not be just such a case, especially considering the venue is Ocean County NJ, where corruption is rampant.  Also, the NJ Division of Criminal Justice may want to put a lid on this matter, given the possibility of other high ranking law enforcement officials and politicians (State & Local) being implicated in child sex activities.  This includes the Chiefs of Police in many small south Jersey towns.  Operation Open House may have opened a can of worms for many Police Officers, Attorneys, and Politicians.  Often, indicted defendants will use the information they have regarding sexual deviancy in their Police Departments or organizations as bargaining chips in their court proceeding in order to secure leniency.  Citizens are always suspect of cases that drag on indefinitely for no apparent reason.


Corrupt US Attorney Geoffrey Berman

It is the goal of corrupt individuals in the legal system to protect their own, or anyone well connected.  We see now how US Attorney Geoffrey Berman for the Southern District of New York has squelched the Jeffrey Epstein investigation, even though he has tons of evidence to support charges against many influential people, who have contacts in high places.  Raids on Epstein’s townhouse in NY City and mansion in Florida have uncovered documents, files, and videos with the names, dates, and sexual activities of prominent Attorneys, Judges, Politicians, Law Enforcement, and Business people who are now being protected by US Attorney Berman.  These people took multiple flights on Epstein’s Lolita Express to his private St. James Island where sex orgies involving underage teens were often on the agenda.  Ex-President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew were just two of the many guests Epstein brought to his Island, yet it appears US Attorney Berman is having difficulties piecing the facts together in a manner that will bring anyone to accountability and trial. Berman will ultimately declare there is “insufficient” evidence to proceed with any indictments of these sexual predators.  Berman’s career goal is to get promoted to a District Court Judge, and indictments of this sort can be a real roadblock to success. Corruption is at epidemic levels in today’s legal system.  There are still serious questions as to the fate of Jeffrey Epstein in the Federal Prison System, and most people believe he was murdered because he had so much to say about his friends in high places.  His death has made US Attorney Berman’s job so much easier.


NJ Police Sgt. Richard Conte met a “15-year-old girl” on the Internet and told her he wanted to “get naked.”  After a while, he set up a meeting at her home when she was alone.  The 15-year-old was an undercover detective.

The sting that netted Sgt. Conte and 23 other child predators was called OPERATION OPEN HOUSE.


Police Sgt. Conte is also the Commander of the Monmouth County NJ SWAT Team.  One can only wonder what tactics and techniques are being taught and practiced by SWAT Team personnel, and how they would employ these same maneuvers on a 15-year-old girl they met clandestinely on the internet.  Also, there are similar questions regarding the “special weapons” that would be utilized in the rape of a young girl or the sodomization of a teen boy by these SWAT Team members who are all sworn Police Officers.


The issues surrounding Police Officers and their perverted activities are plentiful and most communities must deal with the fact that many Police Officers are out to sexually molest children.  To combat the likelihood that your child may be sexually molested or sodomized by a Police Officer; several preventative actions can be taken  by parents and caregivers:

  1. Talk to your children about the possibilities of Cop Rape, and show them recent articles and arrests of Police Officers convicted of child molestation
  2. Monitor your child’s access to internet chat sites, which are commonly used by Police Officers to “talk up” adolescents and set up secretive meetings; these typically take place when the parents are away on business or vacation and leave the child alone.
  3. Know the whereabouts of your children at all times, especially when they are out at night or visiting someone; children are often stopped by cops on the street late at night and propositioned/raped.
  4. Do not let your kids attend special summer camps, outings, or informal meetings with Police Officers unless you are present; these conditions are designed to isolate the child and exploit their weaknesses.
  5. Instruct your child to immediately report any contact with a Police Officer, whether verbal or physical; cops will often engage in “friendly chatter” with a child to gain personal information such as the child’s age, likes and dislikes, home address, etc., – this information will be used at a later time to sexually exploit the child.
  6. Use your child’s privacy settings and location tracking device on their cell phones to their full advantage by restricting calls to unknown parties, and tracking their whereabouts.
  7. Report all incidents of Cop/Kid Rape immediately to Child Protective Services or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, not the Police Department where the cop works. They will often cover up for the cop or incite fellow Police Officers to further rape and sodomize the victim.  Sometimes, this will result in the young boy or girl being “gang-banged” by multiple Police Officers including the Chief of Police.  In a worst-case scenario, the child is ultimately murdered to hide the evidence and disposed of in the woods or an unknown location.  If your child goes missing you can also call the CyberTipine Number: 1-800-THE-LOST.
  8. Be aware that Chiefs of Police are often engaged in child molestation; just because the Police Officer has “rank” does not mean their activities are above board.  Police Chiefs have been known to groom their intended underage sexual targets for extended periods before raping or sodomizing them.  This “grooming” process can take anywhere from a few weeks to months and can include such things as buying the kid gifts or clothes, bringing them to sports games or practice, offering monetary assistance for the family, even taking the child on overnight trips or a vacation.  Chiefs of Police are adept at deceiving youngsters and their main objective is to gain the trust and confidence of the underage child so they can sexually molest them.  Unfortunately, the child is often unwilling to report such incidents, believing they have caused the Chief to act in such a manner, and are beholding to the Police Chief for all that he has done for her/him and their family.
  9. There have been many reported incidents of Police Officers “gang-banging” a young girl or boy at Police Headquarters; for this reason, advise your children not to enter a Police Station without you present
  10. Roleplay the part of a cop/kid rapist with your child by wearing a police shirt, badge, and hat.  Use typical “cop talk” to entice the child into coming along with you, then present the potential dangers that can result from this type of encounter.  “Cop Talk” can include phrases such as: What is your name?  We need to question you.  Your parents are not available.  There has been an accident.  Your mother is injured.  Come to the Police Station with us so we can help you.  This is an emergency and we need to drive you to the hospital to see your father who had a heart attack, get in the vehicle.
  11. Chiefs of Police are notorious for sodomizing young boys at the Police Station using their offices as convenient “safe zones” for their activities. To assure the silence of their subordinate officers, Chiefs of Police will have them participate in the sex act, sodomizing the boy over and over.
  12. Young children are often abducted from the street and sold as sex slaves by Police Officers who are paid large sums of money.  Once sold, these kids are transported overseas – often to Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar and other Mideast countries for the pleasure of their monarchs and elite.  The likelihood of their being identified and brought back to the United States for reunification with parents is virtually zero; considering that foreign Police Forces are just as corrupt as those in the United States, and their Police Officers are also on the payroll of gangs running the sex slave industry.  Although US Federal Law Enforcement agencies have “liaison offices” in these foreign countries – their effectiveness is limited, considering the unwillingness of most foreign governments to provide information to anyone outside their sphere of influence and control.

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