Half-Dozen Philly Cops Shot




Maurice Hill


Police Officers






A half-dozen Philly cops were recently shot while serving a warrant at a North Philadelphia row house that was a drug den.  The suspect shooter was identified as Maurice Hill, a person with an extensive criminal record.  He appeared to be enjoying the event and was smiling upon capture.  Even though he was previously charged numerous times with illegal possession of firearms, those charges were dismissed by the local prosecutor.  He is a convicted felon with a rap sheet listing drug possession/sale and assault. Accordingly,  Mr. Hill is prohibited from having any weapons but he found a way to get around the law, so much for background checks.

What is most surprising is the ignorance of the Philadelphia DA, Judges, and cops for allowing Maurice Hill to roam about freely, even though he represents an extreme risk to society.  District Attorney Larry Krasner now states that there will be  “more than enough charges so that Mr. Maurice Hill may never exit jail.”  Where was this District Attorney and the Judges when Maurice Hill faced over twenty previous charges and why was he let off the hook so many times?  What’s happening in Philadelphia is a recurrent theme in so many American cities (LA, Chicago, NYC, Miami, Baltimore, etc.), where the Criminal Justice System is populated by liberal cowards who turn a blind eye to the “misdeeds” of the so-called poor and unfortunate.  They grease the revolving door on a daily basis and do nothing to protect the public.

One thing is certain – there are thousands of Maurice Hills roaming about Philadelphia today who are heavily armed and more than willing to kill any Police Officer without hesitation. They are like pack animals and the Criminal Justice System has turned them loose on society.  The next time a Maurice Hill-type character opens up on the cops they probably won’t be as fortunate and there may be a dozen shot with many killed.

The Criminal Justice System in America is broken with no fix in sight.