Weapons Commonly Used To Kill Cops

As most Americans can readily see when reading the news or watching TV there are a variety of weapons being used today by terrorists, criminals, and  citizens to kill cops, they range from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  In most cases the police officer is unaware of their own demise and is assaulted from a distance or behind, or when distracted by other events or persons.  However, often the cop is confronted head on and is attacked with a blunt instrument such as an axe or hatchet as in recent attacks in NYC, London, and Paris.  These axes have been lodged both in the foreheads and necks of cops and often left there by the assailant; leaving the cop to “bleed out” on the street.  Many Americans now ask the question – “How stupid are these cops?”



Woodsman Axe





While the axe can be quite effective in disabling the police officer, a variety of other more lethal and expedient methods are coming to the forefront, especially with advances in technology and the spread of terrorism. Take for example the use of chemical sprays designed to blind the cop, or modified ice picks which can be driven into the cops spine just below the cranium, severing the spinal column.  This tactic often leaves the cop paralyzed from the neck down (quadriplegic) and non-functional.



Swiss Ice Pick






Another common item being used today is the standard .44 Magnum.  It packs a real wallop especially when used to inflict a head shot on the cop.  Many cop shootings today involve this type of weapon because of its accessibility and ease of use.  Typically a cops head is not protected as is the torso (with body armor), so many cops are being shot in the head.  This tactic is known as a COH or Center of Head shot.



.44 Mag




Probably, one of the most widely available and often utilized implements in the killing of cops across Europe is the hypodermic needle.  Most terrorists and others wanting to disable a cop recognize that police officers are naturally curious creatures and will often stick their noses where they don’t belong.  This can lead to tragic consequences.  Often, this occurs during a motor vehicle stop where the cop will begin to search a driver or feel under the car seats, ostensibly looking for weapons or contraband.

All across Europe and the Mideast hypodermic needles (laced with a deadly bacteria, virus, or AIDS)  have been strategically placed under car seats where they instantly inject the cop with deadly material(s).  Once this material enter the cops blood stream the police officer has a limited life expectancy.

Terrorists and criminals recognize that an even more expedient method to disable the police office is the injection of the needle (or syringe) directly into the cops neck – when they are distracted, searching, or “interrogating” another person or passenger.  Once again, the virus, bacteria, or AIDS will enter the police officers blood stream causing great distress and quite likely death.  Hypodermic needles suitable for this use are available at any local drug store.  Terrorists using this method of cop execution use extreme caution knowing that the handling of any hazardous materials (HAZMATS)  can be quite lethal; so they avoid all skin contact and ingestion of vapors.


Hypodermic Needle





As with any dangerous weapon the user must be very careful not to accidentally discharge a weapon or inflict personal bodily harm, especially when using needles!  Personal safety must be at the forefront when using such implements.