Police Say “Take This Job & Shove It”


Tens of Thousands of Cops across America are resigning, retiring, and telling their Police Departments to Shove It.  There are now thousands of Police vacancies in all major cities and towns across America as cops realize they have no future in law enforcement.  Very few people are stupid enough to entertain law enforcement careers knowing that present-day Chiefs of Police are cowards, who will do everything possible to support lawbreakers over their own Police Officers. This situation has been getting worse and worse over the past fifty years; when local, state. and federal Politicians began micromanaging law enforcement and promoting cronies to lead law enforcement agencies.  Consequently, street cops are fearful to take affirmative actions to arrest criminals and protect law-abiding citizens.

Unfortunately, the first “mistake” a Police Officers makes, they’ll be hung out to dry by their Police Chief and City Administrators.  If they use their weapon in any situation, they’ll have to justify their actions, and if there is any doubt to the legality of their using “deadly force” then the Department will side with the criminal, and potentially expose the Police Officer to 20 years or more in prison.  The Police Officer will be charged with Official Misconduct, Murder, Criminal Homicide, and a multitude of other charges.  Only a dumb ass would continue to work under such conditions – which jeopardize not only the safety of the Police Officer but also the future security of their family.  However, this is of no concern to the Police Brass who are all too eager to throw the cop under the bus, while they distance themselves from their failure to provide adequate training, support, and leadership.  We are now witnessing the results of corrupt Police Administrations across America, where crime is at an all-time high and very little is being done to prosecute criminal activity. After a crime wave in most cities, the Police Chief or Superintendent will appear before microphones and pontificate about gun control or lack of opportunity for those in the community.  Excuses that are designed to deflect their own negligence and failure to protect the community.

Present-day street Police Officers are reluctant to do their job.   We need to expand the “gene pool” of law enforcement so street cops are more similar to the people they encounter in everyday conflict situations.  Thereby, infusing law enforcement with Police Officers that understand and relate to the problems confronting the poor, uneducated, minority, and immigrant populations, which are increasing in number given the “open border” policies of the Biden Administration. Today’s crop of cops are incapable of “connecting” with this surge of humanity to which they have no commonality or understanding.

COPFOX recommends that Police Departments expand their recruitment efforts to include not only Minorities and Women but also Immigrants, Handicapped, Mentally Impaired, and Ex-Cons.  These groups have much to offer considering they can relate to the many street situations that the average cop encounters daily.  They have the patience and willingness to communicate with criminals and those with diminished capacity, considering they have prior personal experience in those fields and are more likely to diffuse a potentially violent situation (rather than escalate it to the point of lethal force).  The handicapped, mentally impaired, and ex-cons can also fill the void created by so many Police Officers resigning and retiring.

Immigrants would make great Police Officer candidates given they have overcome so many hardships and obstacles getting to America (legally or illegally) and they can fully appreciate the difficulties so many minorities face adjusting to American laws and the criminal justice system.  Immigrant Police Officers can bridge the gap between foreigners and citizens, instilling trust in law enforcement by modeling appropriate behavior and communicate using the native tongue of the immigrant which goes a long way in building trust.  These qualities are totally lacking in today’s street cop.

COPFOX strongly urges all local, State, and Federal law enforcement agencies looking to hire new personnel to modify and expand existing LE candidate requirements to allow a more inclusive selection process.  The following statement should be posted in all recruitment material notifying potential Police Officer applicants that law enforcement is open and receptive to a wide variety of people with diverse backgrounds, capabilities, and impairments (both mental and physical).

“Minorities, Women, Immigrants, Mentally/Physically Challenged, and Ex-Cons Are Encouraged to Apply”

COPFOX ALERT  –  There are currently thousands of Police Officers, Sheriffs, Federal Agents, Chiefs of Police and Government Officials (Judges, Politicians, Attorneys) who are sexually molesting children all across America.  They often use the services of sex traffickers like Ghislaine Maxwell or manipulate youth through deceptive practices, using their positions to gain the child’s trust and confidence. They then rape or sodomize the child.  Some Police Officers are serial child rapists and have sexually molested dozens of children.  The victim can be either a boy or girl. 

If you know of such a sexual predator, please report them to copfox@comcast.net.  Provide their name, position and place of employment, details of their activities, name of victim (child), and their picture if available.  Often, these Police Officers will video their activities to document their exploits. All provided information will be kept confidential.  

Also, please visit CopMugShots.com to view some recent arrests of Police Officers and other Government Officials who  have sexually molested children as young as 4 years of age.