Once again, the American People have been conned by the US Government.  We were advised that COVID was simply an attempt by China to find a new use for a virus prevalent in bats.  Allegedly, that use or “Gain of Function” was primarily an attempt by China (with US funding from the NIH) to improve the health and welfare of the Chinese people.  As it turns out, COVID has killed millions and continues to wreak havoc on populations around the world.

A document held back by China with the full cooperation of the US Government and the World Health Organization now reveals that China was developing a Biological Weapon for use during a potential military conflict with the United States or NATO.  That weapon (the COVID Virus) has genetic components allowing it to continuously transmogrify into new and more dangerous variants, regardless of attempts at eradication.

A secondary function of the COVID Virus is the reduction of the world population, which has been a long-time goal of both the Chinese government as well as the World Health Organization. For many people who receive  the COVID Virus or the Vaccine, their chromosomes have been permanently altered, and their sex organs  (testes/ovaries) rendered inoperative or severely damaged.  Their ability to have children has been dramatically reduced, and if they are able to conceive, their kids will be mentally and physically disabled.

The COVID Vaccine itself has all of the destructive elements of the COVID Virus, but can remain dormant for months or years in a recipients body.  In an attempt to remedy their ongoing failed attempts to control the COVID spread, the US Government and Big Pharma have authorized a number of “booster shots” which by all scientific accounts are a means of delaying the inevitable catastrophic health effects.  At this time the “booster shots” could become a permanent feature of any attempt to minimize deadly COVID consequences.

Presently, the American People are being used as lab rats by Big Pharma, and there is no end in sight for the atrocious conduct and mandates of the US Government, acting in concert with both the World Health Organization and Big Pharma.  Americans can expect to see millions of children being born in the years to come who have severe mental infirmities and physical deformities, not to mention those who will be still born.  Other parents wishing to concieve will be unable to reproduce due to the Covid Vaccine.  This is all by design of the US Government and a global desire to reduce world population at any cost!

Many American woman have already helped the World Health Organization in reducing the world’s population by aborting their unborn children. There are over 4,000 abortions a  day in America.  These abortionist women beleive it is more important for them to bring their dirty asses into the workplace instead of raising a family.  Consequently, we see a glut of overweight, lazy, and incompetent women in all types of jobs, such as Postal Worker, Teacher, Cop, Military, etc.  America is falling way behind other nations in terms of productivity and family life, and it’s all due to the American woman who believes in Biden and a socialist agenda that’s now destroying the fabric of society, and making it impossible for American families with children to make ends meet.  These bulldyke women have eagerly taken the COVID Vaccine since they don’t plan on having a family.  They voted Biden into office and now Americans are paying the price with soaring inflation as well as a host of other economic and social problems.

It’s ironic that a woman’s aborted fetus is often sold off to labs for scientific experiments, including the manufacture of the COVID Vaccine.  These fetuses are being treated just like the American people who got the COVID Vaccine, they’re experimental lab rats.  Big Pharma just can’t get enough lab rats and they don’t care if they’re dead babies or living Americans.  Where there’s a buck to be be made, Big Pharma will quickly fill their pockets and those of the Politicians in Washington as well.  It’s in their monetary interest to keep COVID around for many years to come, and the COVID Vaccine is just the ticket they need to prolong this pandemic.  The COVID Vaccine is no more effective at eradicating COVID than taking an aspirin, but it’s much more dangerous – with a multitude of life threatening side effects!

Americans are Lab Rats for Big Pharma