The Burqa Teaches Women Modesty

     Today, there are a number of reason why American women should not have the right to vote; which was given to them in 1920 by the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.  These reasons primarily center around the inability of women to exercise good judgement when electing a President.  The President of the United States, and the Federal Government have one over-arching purpose, and that is to protect the citizens of America.  Unfortunately, many recent Presidents and the Federal Government have demonstrated an inability to fulfill this obligation, and in the case of the current President – has put citizens in grave danger with his policies.  The only reason that President Obama was elected to the Presidency was the women’s vote.  Recent studies on this topic have concluded that the majority of women vote for a President with self-centered and deviant objectives in mind; and none of them pertain to National  Security.  These objectives include:

  1. The ability to terminate a pregnancy at will thru abortion
  2. The ability to compete with men for jobs, which they are neither capable of nor qualified for
  3. The ability to be supported by the government with a variety of “benefits” including food stamps, subsidized housing, medical care, abortion on demand, etc.
  4. The ability to change their sex at will by becoming a lesbian or transgender, and promote themselves in their new identity
  5. The ability to live independently outside the traditional family, neither having a husband nor caring for children.

     By redefining their traditional role from mother, wife and home-maker to independent worker; today’s woman believes that she has become liberated and often acts out her inner impulses, which in many instances are prurient and hedonistic.  More importantly, they are self-serving and in no way promote or sustain a healthy family or social structure.  The following 2016 statistics support these facts:

  • 80% of all black children are born to unwed mothers
  • 60% of all Hispanic children are born to unwed mothers
  • 45% of all White children are born to unwed mothers.

        All Women Should Wear A Burqa

     These mother’s are often uneducated, welfare recipients; who are dependent on Uncle Sam for support and their next meal.  Many will work off the books as home cleaners, prostitutes, or strippers in local taverns or gin-mills.  For these woman who have decided that they want to live independently, and dishonor the traditional family; there is a long, hard road ahead in life.  Even for the working woman who enters a variety of professions, there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  Often, once they reach 33 – they are hardened old goats, that nobody can tolerate or put up with.  Their focus on competing with men has worn them out prematurely, and they cover themselves with makeup, eyeliner, putrid perfume, and a business suit in order to remain relevant in a world that has passed them by.  By 33, they are weary and disgusting; with little prospects for advancement or a comfortable retirement.  They are getting their just deserts for listening to generations of woman’s libbers, who as bull-dykes have led many a decent and honorable woman into debauchery and decadence.

     UncleSamPimpWhat these woman are not doing is staying home and taking care of their children, which they consummated out of marriage.  Consequently, the current young generation are fixated on drugs and alcohol, with a penchant for violence and video games.  Uneducated, disrespectful and dirty; today’s youth cannot compete with those their same age in foreign countries, whose married mothers and fathers, are instilling in them traditional values of honesty, respect and responsibility. To perpetuate this downward spiral in the life-cycle of American womanhood; they vote for Presidents who “understand” them and promise  more and more government benefits; which puts the burden of raising their illegitimate children (bastards & bitches) squarely into the lap of Uncle Sam; in other words – American taxpayers.  Some of the latest scams devised to assist the working woman are – school lunch programs, Pre-K classrooms, earned income tax credit, free day care, WIC & SNAP programs, food stamps, etc.  The single mother in America has a husband, he’s Uncle Sam; and in return for her vote he subsidizes her lazy, aberrant lifestyle.  Uncle Sam, by governmental decree and acquiescence,  has willingly assumed the role of pimp; and has made the American woman into a Jezebel!

     Barack Obama would not have been elected President without the woman’s vote.  In a similar way, Hillary Clinton cannot be elected President without the woman’s vote also.  Consequently, they have each pandered to a population of ignorant American women who are interested only in themselves; and how much they can get from the Government.  American women have no interest in international affairs, or the safety and security of the American people.  The present situation around the world with terrorists blowing up buildings and killing people is a direct result of Barack Obama’s incompetent foreign policy.  Evidently, none of the women who voted for him had any concern about ISIS or Sharia Law.  Should ISIS gain control of the American Government and implement Sharia Law, the modern American woman will quickly learn what her liberated status really means.  She will be wearing a Burqa, and taught how to be submissive, quiet and humble in the presence of others.  Any deviant conduct or acts will result in very harsh retribution, up to and including beheading.

COPFOX recommends the 19th Amendment be repealed immediately, for National Security reasons.




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