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Ariana Grande


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    Another shooting took place today, this time in Alexandria, Virgina; where a lone gunman opened fire on US Congressmen and Senators practicing for an upcoming basefall game. There were some casualities, but minimal damage.

    Unfortunately, these Senators and Congressmen showed their cowardice by running away from the gunman, instead of attempting to stop the assault. Maybe, next time they will be better prepared and arm themselves. As in many states, the politicians have enacted very strict gun laws making it almost impossible to get a carry permit; meaning that only the crazies are carrying guns. Now the politicians in Washington are seeing what can happen when you trample on the 2nd Amendment, and try to take away the gun rights of law abiding citizens.


    • Fortunately for the Congressmen and Senators in Alexandria, Virginia; the gunman was not military trained or he would have breached the fence line and targeted them individually, when they were cowering in the dugout and other various areas. This tactic which is commonly used when assaulting buildings and enemy hideouts, entails close up shooting which is lethal and very effective.

      • If he had Military experience, he also would have utilized a better weapon with a sniper scope capable of picking off people from a distance. The Capitol Police would have been quickly dispatched leaving the Congressmen and Senators sitting ducks.


        • Congressmen and Senators are such weaklings; they are all mouth and no action. How quickly they hide when confronted by trouble, but are eager to pass legislation disarming US Citizens. Maybe now they know why people want to be armed in the United States. They would do well to abide by the 2nd Amendment.


    The ultimate objective of ISIS is the detonation of a nuclear device in a major European or American City. With North Korea and Iran now in the final stages of development of such a weapon; it is highly likely they will team up with ISIS and provide them with a “suitcase” version nuclear device, capable of leveling large segment of New York City or London. ISIS may also decide to target a “soft city” such as Denver, Miami or San Francisco; which have less hardened security apparatus. In any case, a harbinger of this type of attack will be the quick exodus from the designated target area(s) of high-level Muslim leaders; who will be given advanced warning of the nuclear detonations time and place. At present, US and European security departments have no way of stopping such an attack.

    For the effects of a nuclear attack in your area, go to:



      I live in NYC and am very concerned about a nuclear attack here.
      I know the NYPD can’t help anyone and are useless in an attack because I observed them during 9/11 and they were like Keystone Cops. What would they do during a nuclear attack? I am preparing my own escape plan which includes an exit route and an underground shelter in NJ which is fortified with various necessities for survival. Needless to say the location is a secret, becaue if anything does happen, the last thing I want is any of these crumb-bums in NYC trying to “move” into my shelter with me. They are lazy and shiftless and will only take up space.



    As with many of these “entertainers”, Ariana Grande will get old and begin to become more and more insignificant. Soon she will be forgotten and her music will be tossed into the garbage heap of worthless, worn-out noise. In the interim however, let’s hope that young, ignorant and impressionable youth will clean up their acts and avoid this bitches concerts, for their own safety.


  4. Eli Yakovichski | June 6, 2017 at 5:42 am |


    President Trump has the authority to tighten immigration screening without the approval of either the Dept. of Justice or Courts simply by changing the VISA regulations. It is a quick and expiedient way of limiting foreign Muslims and others from entering the United States. This should start by an overhaul of the VISA application process, which for years has been the corrupt gateway by which liberal politicians have allowed hundreds of thousands of violent immigrant Muslims to enter the US and create chaos. The US VISA program has been abused by countless foreigners with the full acquiesence and support of the US State Department, whose agenda is the destruction of the middle class in America.

    VISA Abuse Is Rampant

    • Peter Wilson | June 6, 2017 at 7:57 am |

      President Trump should further reduce the staffing of the US State Department which is chock full of liberal assholes who think they know what’s best for America. For years, their policies and practices have been the source of many of the terrorist attacks across the United States; since they have opened the floodgates to foreigners – many of whom are violent extremists!

      • I agree.

        Let’s hope Secretary of State Rex Tillerson can undue the damage done by Kerry and Clinton; who were ignorant of the devastating consequences of their policies. I also want to commend President Trump for withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Agreement, which required US taxpayers to shell out over 100 Billion over the next 10 years; to be paid directly to 3rd world countries so they can update their environmental standards and operations. During this same period, China and India would pay nothing. We already know that 90% of these monies would be siphoned off by corrupt politicians/dictators running these 3rd world countries, and the other 10% would be squandered on administrative costs; ultimately producing no real improvement or change in the environmental conditions within these nations. Leave it to the stupidity of the US State Dept. to enter into such a sham agreement. Kinda reminds me of the Iran Nuclear Agreement signed by Kerry and supported by Obama.

        Secretary of State Tillerson has his work cut out for him; especially working with such nutjobs in the US State Department.

        Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

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