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  1. Prudence Schaeffle | June 11, 2017 at 10:20 am |

    Thank you for reposting this important and current topic, which many Americans believe should be mandated by law. Why do we as Americans have to wait so long to have these cops submit their DNA into a database, especially since so many have been convicted of heinous crimes such as rape, murder and assault. I believe the politicians are blocking these attempts at COPDNA, just as they tried to block the idea of body cameras. Sooner or later we will get this done, I hope it’s sooner so we can lock up these cop scum.

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  3. Cops need to understand their place in society. They are bottom feeders and need to be more subservient. One of the reasons that there are so many cop slayings and pistol whippings of police, is because of their arrogance. A COP DNA Database would be very helpful in keeping a check on cops.

    • Annabelle S. | June 13, 2017 at 11:36 pm |

      I am fully supportive of taking DNA from cops and keeping it in a database for comparison with crimes such as rape and murder. Every day I read articles about corrupt cops and the crimes they are involved in; who knows how many ten of thousands of cops are roaming the streets with criminal intent on their minds, not to mention their deviant and criminal acts in the past.

      • I think simply avoiding the cops is the best policy, considering how dirty and fat they look. At least this is what I tell my children all the time.

  4. COPFOX is seeking legislative approval to initiate a COP DNA Database. We will post updates on our progress. In the interim however, expect continued Police Officer criminal activity.

  5. MaryLee McGinnis | September 5, 2015 at 11:22 am |

    Police Officers are just so dirty, both in mind and body. Please begin the COPDNA Database as soon as possible. I know too many rape victims and I believe cops are engaged in these dreadful crimes.

    • Paul Samuelson | September 5, 2015 at 11:26 am |

      In NYC the Police Officers look like they crawled out of a sewer. Someone has to teach these pigs how to keep clean. They are a disgrace. I think that the Police Officer DNA Database would certainly solve many cold case crimes now on the books which no one wants to look at; because they know the culprit was a fellow crooked cop. I estimate that 85 percent of all cops are committing some type of crime.

  6. Your COPFOX articles on “Disarming Cops” and “Illegal Weapons” are both illustrious and edifying. Thanks COPFOX for your hard work.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed the COPFOX page on “Police Officer DNA Database”. As a single women living alone I will definitely follow many of the recommendations made there. They will probably save my life someday. Who know how many rapist cops are on the loose, without anyone attempting to curtail their conduct. I am also concerned about my two young daughters (12 & 14) who say they are terrified of the local cops and believe them to be dangerous. I let them read all of the COPFOX pages and hope they will practice caution whenever approached by a police officer. Also, I notice that many Cops are now being slain. Why is this happening?

      • Thank You for your comments. Please be advised that COPFOX is reviewing the current situation in America where numerous cops are being slain, many with bullets to the head. We will be headlining an article on this subject within the next two weeks. Comments made by the public are welcome and we utilize them in our analysis of determining why cops are being slain in such high numbers. Although COPFOX has formulated numerous recommendations and procedures which would dramatically reduce the number of cop slayings, we will not make them public due to the unwillingness and inability of the cop culture to effectuate positive change. However, we do seek to enhance our ability to assess and analyze societal forces affecting American communities, so we encourage your continued support and comments.

    • Please note as well that most Cops are unionized and will fight COPDNA tooth and nail. The last thing they want is a crime fighting tool focused on themselves. Also, Police Brass such as Police Chiefs at the local level, Superintendents at the State level and Directors at the Federal level are involved with criminal activity both in the commission and omission categories. As such they are intent on concealing their own culpability and involvement in crime. A COPDNA Database would dramatically reconstruct the cop/crime paradigm for the better.

  7. Cops in New York City are notorious for framing citizens and immigrants to enhance their arrest quotas. That’s how they get ahead in the PD. It doesn’t matter that a person will be falsely accused and sent to prison for ten years, as long as the fat ass cop takes care of himself. These pigs need to be DNA’d for the good of the citizenry.


    • The NYPD is notorious for framing citizens, the same for little piss towns in New Jersey. Travelers beware of these tactics. When the protesters shout out “What Do We Want” and the citizens reply “Dead Cops”, I think it’s time for the cops to shut their mouths and begin listening to what their told. A COPDNA DATABASE would certainly go a long way in getting many of these corrupt cop bastards off the street and into prison.

      • April Caldwell | June 18, 2017 at 2:08 pm |

        I think a COP DNA Database would come in quite handy when a cop rapes a woman and then denies any contact, especially when she becomes pregnant and is seeking child support. Cops are notorious for using different names and identities, especially when dating women; thereby avoiding the payment of child support. In both these instances, rape and consensual sex; the cop must be held accountable for their misdeeds!

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