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Abortion Registry Needed In America To Identify Immoral Women 

Unfortunately today many American women are having abortions because they lack the funds to carry a baby to full term.  Many of these mothers are single and have no visible means of support, but that does not justify having an abortion.  There are many other women who are pregnant and want an abortion simply to facilitate their own lustful desires and careers, or because they lack the moral fiber required to have a baby.  This is especially true of working women who sometimes have multiple abortions during their fertile years, each time walking away from their fetus as though it were yesterday’s garbage.  COPFOX has seen this scenario play out in a multitude of fields that women are now infiltrating; such as education, business, and government work.  These women have sublimated and diminished their maternal instincts in order to prance around in the schools, corporate offices or governmental agencies; without anyone being aware of their murderous past. Unfortunately, the US Supreme Court has legalized and legitimized abortion; which has emboldened women and encouraged their lustful conduct; as well as an immoral remedy to an unwanted pregnancy.  It is ironic that the abortion Doctors and Clinics provide many creature comforts for the expectant mother preceding her abortion, so as not to traumatize or make her feel queasy.  Having no regard for the baby/fetus, they savagely destroy life while the mother sits back and listens to music; as though getting a massage.  It is only after she leaves the Doctors office and realizes the gravity of her offense that problems begin to develop; often both physical and mental!

 A case in point is the number of women within the US public school system who have had abortions.  The estimates are as high as 80%.  These women murder their unborn baby and then want to teach other people’s kids (OPK) in the classroom.  COPFOX believes these women are a danger to any child they come in contact with because they have a propensity for violence, which includes the most heinous sort – murder.  Just imagine what these abortionists think of the kids in their class the day after they return from the abortion clinic.  They have innumerable psychological problems, both patent and latent; which ultimately are taken out on their students.  They should not be permitted anywhere near children or schools.  However, until abortion is declared illegal, American women will continue to abort their babies; which average 4,000 deaths per day in the United States.  The American People have a right to know who is working in the schools as well as our governmental organizations.  If they have committed murder, as the abortionist has done; then they should be prohibited from all public service and ostracized.

     COPFOX recommends that The U.S. Government establish an Abortion Registry, which would require all Doctors who perform an abortion to:

  • Provide the name of the mother
  • Provide the name of the father
  • Provide the name of the unborn baby
  • Provide the marital status of the mother
  • Provide the date of the abortion
  • Provide the sex of the unborn baby
  • Provide the reason for the abortion
  • Provide the length of term for the unborn baby
  • Provide the ultimate disposition of the baby (e.g. medical experimentation, garbage disposal, incineration, sale to medical facility, etc.)

Such an Abortion Registry should be posted on the Internet for public review and consideration, and be exempted from any HIPPA laws.


6 Comments on "Abortion Registry"

  1. Bella Fantanelli | July 4, 2017 at 6:22 pm | Reply


    We need to know the names and adresses of these murderous women who abort their babies. This way we can protect our children both in and out of the schools. These abortionists should not be allowed to teach or even visit any school, for the safety of the children. It is truly shocking that the schools are filled with so many murderous women!

    • Lucy Forrester | July 5, 2017 at 9:56 am | Reply

      We need an Abortion Registry to keep our children safe!

      Many public elementary and high schools in the United States are now 90% women; and most of them have had an abortion. Some have even had multiple abortions over the years. How anyone can trust their kids to these murderous women is a mystery; considering that they have killed their own baby and now want to “educate” other kids. What a sham!


    I would like to see abortionist women stripped naked and publicly whipped. They are worse than animals; because even the wild animals know enough to protect their babies. I also think women who fornicate and copulate outside of marriage should be whipped.


  3. The American woman is a murderous and vile bitch.
    She knows WHAT she is doing is wrong, but her greed and pride convice her that abortion is something she is entitled to; especially since the Supreme Court has given their approval. I am disgusted with these women. They should be listed in an Abortion Registry as you suggest, so all can know their identity.

    • Brandon Lansdale | July 4, 2017 at 4:40 pm | Reply

      I am shocked to hear that there are over 4,000 abortions a day in the United States. I guess this is the woman’s dirty little secret. The sooner we expose their actions the quicker we will put an end to this murderous activity.


        The only way we can end the murderous activities of the American whore is to have Roe v. Wade overturned by the US Supreme Court. For that to happen President Trump needs to appoint a few more conservative Judges to the Court, and then Roe v. Wade will be no more. Oh Happy Day!

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