About Us

COPFOX Administrators have substantial experience in Business, Law and Education.  We recognize the need to effectively manage those in Law Enforcement by forming partnerships with the Community, and soliciting their input regarding critical issues in society. Recent events in many American cities have given rise to the necessity of having more community control over Police Officers, who have demonstrated a need for supervision as well as a greater means of evaluating their performance.

It has become evident that many Police Officers are operating outside the normal bounds of the Law, and due to the failure of the Courts are allowed to perjure themselves and misrepresent material elements of evidence in  Court Cases in order to lock up citizens whom they believe guilty or undeserving of a fair trial.  COPFOX seeks to remedy this situation by initiating various new techniques and methods of internal/external controls over the Police and Courts which we believe will limit the unlawful activities of many Police Departments and Judges.  While we are continuously focused on the beat cop, we recognize that corruption often involves other components of the system including Chiefs of Police, Prosecutors and Judges.  Accordingly, we are reviewing various means of implementing new Policies and Procedures which will not only bring accountability to Police Departments, but also to the entire Criminal Justice System.

Periodically, COPFOX will address significant social issues in order to data-mine facts and decipher equitable resolutions to pressing problems.  Our recommendations are formulated and focused on expeditiously implementing strategic procedures for making public servants accountable to the American People.

This COPFOX forum is designed to focus on one key issue at a time, for which we are requesting community response in the form of comments and feedback.  The community feedback will be analyzed to determine it’s viability for implementing productive change within Police Organizations and other segments of Government.  All citizens are welcome to respond to our main Post, which takes the form of a question.  Please review as well our supplemental pages, which express COPFOX observations on critical social matters, as well as recommendations.

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