The American People are now finding out that Trump wants to tax Amazon because he claims it is putting Mom and Pop shops out of business.  Evidently, Trump believes that these small downtown stores need his help and protection even though they have been ripping off the public for the past 50 years.  Another reason Trump may be targeting Amazon is that Amazon owns the Washington Post which is anti-Trump.  It seems Trump is getting into the Washington swamp with the rest of the politicians in Congress.  It is unethical to use your office to take out a personal vendetta on a newspaper.

     What Trump and his cronies don’t understand is that the American People support Amazon and it’s business practices.  It has great prices, customer service, and product delivery; all of the things lacking at the local mall or main street stores.  Also, Amazon hires tens of thousands of people with good pay, something the local shops have forgotten about.

     Another reason Amazon is so successful is that Americans are worried about going to the local mall or main street shops.  The main street in most American towns is a cesspool.  It is dirty, immigrant laden, and lacks adequate customer parking (or the parking is metered with local yokel cops just waiting to ticket unsuspecting vehicles).  Also, many people feel unsafe walking from store to store in order to find what they need.  Amazon provides a vast variety of products with minimal search effort.  Regarding the American malls – they are mostly hangouts for dirt-bag teens and immigrants.  Entering a US Mall today is like visiting the United Nations, there is everything from the Pakistani overweight woman to smelly Somalian immigrants wandering aimlessly around waiting to rip off an unsuspecting shopper.  Also, due to the immigration policies of the US State Department, most malls rank high on the target list for terrorists, who now flood the country.  Avoiding shopping malls is simply a great idea for Americans concerned about family safety.

     What Americans are also seeing today are attempts by many big box stores to influence social order and stability.  The advertisements on TV and media by stores such as Macy’s, Target, JC Penny, etc., seem to promote the minority over the traditional white American family.  We now see the white woman sleeping with the blackie in ads, or dancing with another woman at a nightclub. Depictions of immoral conduct and activities are everywhere in the media, with miscegeny and lesbianism topping the list. While the minority (Asian, Black, Immigrant) makes up about 20% of the population; they are being depicted in over 95% of the ads.  One can only speculate whether or not the Federal Government is subsidizing some of these ads in order to promote and advance their failed social engineering agenda.

     Also, the white male is being excluded along with fair-haired blond girls and boys in most of today’s advertising.  It seems as though advertisers are scraping the bottom of the barrel in their attempt to replicate and depict the typical overweight, ignorant, ugly, dirty shopper in America; and they are choosing the right people in this regard; minorities and immigrants.  However, as a consequence, many traditional Americans are boycotting these “brick and mortar” establishments and buying online, thereby avoiding the prospects of mingling with such an unsavory and dangerous assortment of people.

     COPFOX advises President Trump to abandon any ideas of taxing Amazon.  It already pays enough taxes.  Should Trump decide to mess with Amazon, the American People will remember that come election time.


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