Police Officer Epidemic of Child Rape

 NYPD Detective Michael Pena

NYPD Detective Michael Pena (age 30) from the NYC 33rd Police Precinct — grabbed Lydia Cuomo, then 24, as she walked to her first day teaching at a new school early on Aug. 19, 2011, and threatened to shoot her in the head if she resisted his 20-minute sex attack. He was sentenced to 75 years.

Unfortunately, such headlines are now commonplace all across America, yet many Americans fall prey to sexual attacks by Police Officers.  The new trend is for cops to solicit underage victims on the Internet.  The cop will pose as a young teen in order to gain the trust of the victim.  They will then arrange to meet with the underage female or male at their home – (when parents are away or at work), where they will rape or sodomize the child or teen.  A recent sting operation in NJ (Operation Open House) uncovered two such cops, one from Howell Township and the other from Ridgewood, who believed their Internet conversations were with underage children.  When they went to the kids’ homes to have sex, they were arrested by undercover officers.  It is estimated that only 1 out of 1,000 Police Officers engaged in sexual attacks of juveniles are actually apprehended; leaving most on the loose, prowling our streets and parks and seeking victims on the Internet.

Chief J. W. Jones – Rape of Girl –  30 Years

Today, the incidents of Police Officer rape and sexual abuse are on the rise, with pervert cops in virtually every police department across the country.  Often their actions are condoned and overlooked by the Police Brass, who want a piece of the action in return for concealing the crimes of their subordinates. Frequently, Police Chiefs are arrested for having sex with kids, some as young as 2 years old.   Other cops have raped as many as 10 to 15 underage kids (both boys and girls) and there is one Police Chief who sexually molested over 1,000 young boys before being apprehended.  There are thousands of cops who could be classified as serial rapists, given their history.

COPFOX is seeking legislation in Congress which will mandate the collection of DNA from all Police Officers (Federal, State, County, Local), in order to expeditiously identify and apprehend cops who rape children. Cop DNA would be stored in a centralized Data Base and used during sexual assault investigations. This legislation, known as the Police Officer DNA Registration (PODNAR) Act is pending review and is currently endorsed by many Senators and Representatives.  They know how important it is to safeguard our children from Police sexual attacks.  However, until this legislation is enacted, many cops will continue to rape kids with impunity, knowing their DNA is not in a centralized Data Base.

Countless cops are now patrolling the streets soliciting underage kids by offering them rides or threatening them with arrest on bogus charges.  Once in the Police Cruiser, the cop has free reign to engage in a variety of sex acts with the underage victim who has no viable means of escape. This scenario also allows the cop the “opportunity” to offer the teen an immediate release – contingent upon their remaining silent about any “illicit activities” perpetrated by the Police Officer.  This quid-pro-quo is often accompanied by threats of violence against the victims family if any word of their sexual encounter is leaked.  The cop will often brandish a weapon in order to ensure that their victim realizes what could happen if they tell anyone.  Secrecy is a fundamental cornerstone of the cop/kid sexual attack.  This is why the internet is such a convenient and powerful tool in the facilitation of cop rapes.  It allows the cop to cloak their identity and remain anonymous.

COPFOX strongly urges parents to closely monitor their children’s whereabouts at all times; especially their Internet use; considering the high likelihood that the “friend” they are communicating with online may actually be a Police Officer looking to rape or sodomize them. Today’s Police Officers are aggressively utilizing the Internet to meet teens and children to further their craving for illegal sex; knowing that many parents are remiss at protecting their kids from sexual predators.

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