The Problems With SWAT



Howell Police Sgt. R. Conte


Monmouth County NJ SWAT

Special Weapons & Tactics





Police Sgt. Conte met a “15-year-old” girl on the Internet and told her he wanted to “get naked.”  After a while, he set up a meeting at her home when she was alone.  The 15-year-old was actually an undercover detective.

Sgt. Conte is also the Commander of the Monmouth County NJ SWAT Team.  One can only wonder what tactics and techniques are being taught and practiced by SWAT Team personnel, and how they would employ these same maneuvers on a 15-year-old girl they met clandestinely on the internet.  Also, there are similar questions regarding the “special weapons” that would be utilized in the rape of a young girl (or boy) by these SWAT Team members.

The issues surrounding Police Officers and their perverted activities are plentiful and most communities must deal with the fact that many Police Officers are out to sexually molest children.  To combat the likelihood that your child may be sexually molested or sodomized by a Police Officer; there are a number of preventative actions that can be taken  by parents and caregivers:

  1. Talk to your children about the possibilities of Cop Rape, and show them recent articles and arrests of Police Officers convicted of child molestation
  2. Monitor your child’s access to internet chat sites, which are commonly used by Police Officers to “talk up” adolescents and set up secretive meetings; these typically take place when the parents are away on business or vacation and leave the child alone
  3. Know the whereabouts of your children at all times, especially when they are out at night or visiting someone; children are often stopped by cops on the street late at night and propositioned
  4. Do not let your kids attend special summer camps, outings, or informal meetings with Police Officers unless you are present; these conditions are designed to isolate the child and exploit their weaknesses
  5. Instruct your child to immediately report any contact with a Police Officer, whether verbal or physical; cops will often engage in “friendly chatter” with a child in order to gain personal information such as the child’s age, likes and dislikes, home address, etc., – this information will be used at a later time to sexually exploit the child
  6. Use your child’s privacy settings and location tracking device on their cell phones to their full advantage by restricting calls to unknown parties, and tracking their whereabouts
  7. Report all incidents of Cop Rape immediately to Child Protective Services, not the Police Department where the cop works; they will often cover up for the cop or incite fellow Police Officers to further rape/sodomize the victim
  8. Be aware that Chiefs of Police are often engaged in child molestation; just because the Police Officer has “rank” does not mean their activities are above board.

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