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The Camden County freeholders recently approved a $66,800 raise for Metro Police Chief Scott Thomson, bringing his annual salary to $230,000. Thomson’s new contract guarantees that he will stay in Camden until at least 2019, county spokesman Dan Keashen said Friday. “This is about retaining one of the sharpest law enforcement minds in the country,” Keashen said. No county funds are used for the operation of the Camden County Police Department, which is paid for by Camden City and the state of New Jersey.

     For the past 25 years Camden, NJ has been ranked as one of the most corrupt and dangerous cities in the United States.  Often getting the title as “the most dangerous city in America”.  Despite this abysmal record, the current Chief of Police J. Scott Thomson was recently given a pay raise of over 30%.  COPFOX recently reported about the state takeover of Atlantic City NJ; due to the politicians negligent spending and inability to regulate city expenditures, especially during recent casino closures.  As a result of the state takeover, Atlantic City was required to reduce public service (Police & Fire) employees salaries by 25% and modify employee contributions to health care, as well as implement a reduction in force.  Such actions are prudent by elected officials when revenues fall far short of expenditures.  Given the current economic situation in Camden, the County Freeholders should be reducing salaries of public servants as was done in Atlantic City; not increasing them!

     Presently, Camden NJ has a deplorable record in areas such as education, jobs, public safety and ethics in government.  It also has one of the poorest populations in NJ, with over 75% of their residents living in poverty.  However, these facts did not dissuade the Camden County Freeholders from giving Police Chief Thomson a $66,800. raise, which could have put two more patrolmen on the streets.  The Freeholders knew that the cost of Police Chief Thomson’s raise would not come from the Camden County budget, but would be financed by the residents of Camden as well as New Jersey. In other words, every NJ citizen has to finance the gratuitous expenditures of the Camden County Freeholders.   They claim that their doling out of these taxpayer funds was justified by Chief Thomson having “one of the sharpest law enforcement minds in the country”.  Ask anyone living in or visiting Camden, NJ and one would quickly come to the realization that he is a political hack, who oversees a Police Department in disarray; and a City filled with all types of crime – including public corruption, rape, murder, drug sales and gun violence.  The city of Camden has been on the public dole for many years, receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from both the NJ State government as well as the Federal Government.  It’s the only thing keeping the city intact and running.  The taxpayers of Camden pay a fraction of the cost of public services they receive; including schools, police, fire, administration, etc. Camden relies on subsidies from the state of NJ as well as funds from the Federal Government.  Which brings up the question:

Why would Camden County Freeholders give Police Chief Thomson a raise?

     In New Jersey, Police Chiefs are appointed by politicians; who like to keep their dirty laundry hidden and rely on various layers of “protection” to conceal their misdeeds.  Often the County or local Police Chief is considered to be a useful idiot, who works hand in glove with prosecutors and judges to cover up political shenanigans and criminal activity.  Everyone benefits (except the citizens) when these entities work together to line their pockets with hard-earned taxpayer monies and keep their misdeeds from public scrutiny.  Customarily, monies and raises paid to Police Chiefs are a prepayment for services expected by politicians in the future.  These types of payments are considered “insurance policies” in New Jersey, that guarantee the illegal concealment of criminal activity by local, county and state officials.  It’s happening all over NJ every day, except in the case of Camden it is being doled out by Freeholders who expect the poor residents of  Camden and NJ to finance their hush money.  What a scam.

     COPFOX interviewed former Camden City Police Officers who were fired when the Camden City Police force was disbanded and the Camden County Police Department created.  These Police Officers are now working in various other departments across the State, and unlike the County Freeholders, not one of them uttered a single word of praise for Police Chief Thomson.  On the contrary, most of their comments cannot be printed, but we can relate one which sums up all the rest.

A Camden City Police Officer told COPFOX:

“If Police Chief Thomson were on fire I wouldn’t piss on him to put it out.”

     Obviously, this Police Officer has a much different opinion of  Police Chief Thomson than the Camden County Freeholders; but then again, he does not have to justify giving out a $66,800. raise.

Camden County Police Chief J. Scott Thomson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


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