The recent assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Maduro clearly indicates some very new tactics on the part of terrorists and those seeking to kill a President or anyone else.  The Drone flew into the stadium where Maduro was giving a speech and exploded in mid-air a short distance from the President; although the shrapnel did wound some military personnel who were participating in the parade, Maduro was unharmed, primarily because the explosion was not close enough to his location.

COPFOX believes that we will see many more of these types of attacks now that their viability has been proven.  However, the following changes to operational procedures must be enhanced in order to make an attack of this type effective.  They include:

  • Preplanning must ensure that the Drone takes off from an undisclosed location near the target
  • The exact coordinates of the intended target must be entered into the drones onboard computer, thereby eliminating the possibility of the drone going off course; in the Venezuelan case – the flight path to the stadium and the exact coordinates of the Presidents lecturn should have been loaded into the computer, with detonation activated when drone arrives at its designated coordinates
  • Drone must be on autopilot and designed to intercept the exact location of the person being targeted
  • Drone must be of adequate size and speed to enter airspace without detection or interdiction
  • Drone must have a large payload of explosives with a remote timer so an operator can activate the explosion when it reaches the intended target; alternatively, it can be set to automatically explode when it reaches it’s designated coordinates (target)
  • Drone operator should simultaneously view the Drones location via its remote camera as well as the Presidents location on public television, thereby ensuring that its detonation is directly on target
  • Multiple Drones (and operators) should be employed simultaneously in order to defeat any attempts to intercept or shoot them down.

No doubt, those attempting to assassinate any President in the future will learn from the failed attempt on President Maduro’s life.


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