On October 4th, 2017 four Army soldiers were ambushed by ISIS forces and killed in Niger, Africa. 

Defense Secretary J. Mattis

Secretary of Defense James Mattis acknowledged that he had little information about the presence of these troops in Africa and why they were subject to attack.  For the past year, Army command in Africa complained to Washington about not having adequate drone support, reconnaissance and intelligence data on the region they supported but Washington did little to provide them with what they needed.  Now after the death of these four soldiers James Mattis is launching an investigation into the events leading up to the assault.  Some analyst claim there was a massive intelligence failure and the American troops who were “training” Niger’s soldiers were targeted because they continuously  (29 times) met with Niger leaders at the same place over and over.  Could Nigers leaders dimed-out American troops and provided ISIS advanced warning about their meeting?  The problem with inserting the FBI into what would traditionally call for an Army Intelligence Investigation is the common belief that the FBI will fabricate and destroy evidence to whitewash this tragedy and lessen any adverse impact on the Trump Administration. This is a common practice in today’s law enforcement agencies.

The FBI is accustomed to investigating criminal matters, but when it comes to military affairs and the tactics/procedures utilized on the battlefield – they are way out of their element.  Also, it is suspected that the United States has been paying off the politicians in Niger in order to maintain it’s military presence in the country.  Niger has an unstable government rife with corruption and at this time the purpose of the tragic meetings between the Niger leaders and the American troops is suspected as being part of an illegal payoff.  It is not uncommon for African leaders to accept bribes from various competing elements, such as America and ISIS at the same time.  Should facts supporting Niger complicity in the death of these four American soldiers be substantiated and come out in the press then future training exercises between American soldiers and Niger troops would be suspended; this is something the Trump Administration is trying to conceal and avoid.

Given the willingness of the FBI to scuttle the Hillary Clinton investigation, it stands to reason they would be the perfect agency to send to Niger to “investigate” the death of these four soldiers. Any corruption and complicity on the part of the Niger government in the death of the four American soldiers would be conveniently deleted from their Investigation Reports.  As in the Hillary Investigation, their report would leave out incriminating facts which could expose American ties with corrupt foreign regimes that routinely sell information, services and technology to the highest bidder.  ISIS could have infiltrated Nigers highest levels of government and gained access to American troop movements and plans, leading to the ambush and death of four brave American soldiers.  The FBI Investigation is most likely a sham designed to produce a sanitized report that will coverup collusion between Niger political/military factions and ISIS, and at the same time perpetuate the presence of American troops in a hostile enemy environment.  If this were an Investigation seeking the truth about what went wrong and how four soldiers were killed then it would be handled by Army Intelligence.



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