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07/07/2018 – REPOST


A Study conducted by the Dept. of Homeland Security determined that in 2015 alone, over 500,000 aliens overstayed their VISA’s and remained in the United States illegally.  Approximately 25% of these immigrants are from Nations which are occupied by ISIS, Al Qaeda, or the Taliban.  The US Government has no ideas where these aliens are or how to find them.

     There are a number of recurrent themes running through all terrorist attacks in the United States, which the FBI and other investigative agencies refuse to admit or confront.  President Obama has openly stated that terrorist attacks are really just a form of workplace violence or criminal activity not associated with any overarching religious belief system or political agenda; even though when terrorists are captured,  they will admit to their Islamic allegiances.  The President does this in order to assure the American people that he is in control of the terrorist threat and that they should feel secure and go about their daily lives.  Ultimately, he wants them to continue shopping, traveling, working and spending money; which is the driving force behind his assurances of public safety.  Should the American people realize how vulnerable they really are they would stay away from many public venues such as sporting events, movies, eateries, and the like; which would have a negative impact on the economy.  Recently in Belgium, the people were advised to stay home and not venture out due to terrorist threats.  The economic effects were devastating.

     In the United States, after the San Bernardino terrorist attack, President Obama instructed all governmental investigative agencies to downplay the terrorist connection.  His desire to protect terrorists is open and ongoing. It only serves to embolden future terrorists to take action; knowing that they have a protector and enabler in the White House who is willing to redefine their abhorrent acts as being an understandable consequence of the daily frustrations encountered by many people living in America.  Ultimately, the President seeks to paint such atrocities as being a normal American response to localized activities; in order to categorize organized terrorist attacks as isolated criminal acts.  The American people are used to dealing with petty criminal acts, and will usually believe that the local/state police can adequately handle the response.  However, a terrorist on the loose presents a serious problem which is far beyond the capabilities of the police to understand or deal with.  Reliance on police organizations such as the FBI to handle terrorism is foolish thinking, which has perpetuated the spread of terrorist attacks across America.

     COPFOX recently posted a page highlighting the similarities between many terrorist attacks, which include the following terrorist operational elements:

  • Terrorists plan and organize their attacks
  • Terrorists receive financial aid from others which they use to purchase guns and explosives
  • Terrorists communicate with others and often reveal their plans inadvertently beforehand
  • Terrorists exploit the weaknesses in America’s Intelligence and Investigative agencies
  • Terrorists travel frequently both within the United States and to foreign countries for training and planning purposes
  • Terrorists carefully select targets of opportunity which will provide the most media exposure and political impact
  • Terrorists have become “independent contractors” who have very few verifiable links to organized groups

       Presently the FBI, ICE and the TSA are operating in isolation (although sharing some computer technology); consequently, they are withholding information from each other which could prevent future terrorist attacks.  Each of these agencies believes that they have the center track on terrorism and should get credit for their work.  The result of this attitude is the lack of preventative sharing of data and information on potential terrorist activity.  This is especially true of terrorists who travel to the Mideast, Africa or Europe for training, and subsequently return to effectuate an attack.  Many previous terrorists attacks were done by individuals who made multiple trips to the Mideast and returned with minimal scrutiny by the FBI or others.  No one ever suspected that they may have been recruited by overseas operatives, and trained to attack Americans.  Their typical excuse upon leaving and returning is that they were visiting relatives or were on a tourist vacation.  The two components that have been present in all terrorist attacks in the United States have been travel and money.  Terrorist travel at will throughout the United States and into foreign countries, and return without as much as a question or two from ICE, TSA or Customs Enforcement.  These very same terrorist receive substantial funds to carry out attacks right under the nose of US Government officials.

     Some terrorists have entered using fraudulent VISA’s, by scamming US State Dept. personnel into believing that they are seeking work or education in America.  The most recent ploy involved a female terrorist who came to America under the ruse of marrying an American that she never met.  Both of these individuals eventually married and attacked innocent civilians in San Bernadino, California; resulting in 14 deaths.  This female terrorist (Tashfeen Malik) used a Pakistani passport to secure a US State Department Fiancee Visa in order to enter the United State and commit acts of terrorism.  This clearly indicates the gullibility of the FBI, ICE, TSA and the US State Department who rubber-stamped their passports with almost no scrutiny.  As for the FBI, they’re too busy looking for terrorists in cyberspace; still believing that would be Jihadists are stupid enough to communicate openly on the internet.  Another tactic the FBI has immersed itself in, is initiating sting operations to ensnare low-level wannabe terrorists who need guns or explosives.  These captures hardly put a dent in the terrorist threat to America; especially those threats which involve mass murder and large-scale conventional or nuclear devices.  However, by using these sting operations the FBI can manipulate their terrorist statistics to show effective but minimal preventative actions regarding terrorism.

     Given the glaring gaps and loopholes that presently exist in the American anti-terrorist campaign, COPFOX makes the following recommendations:

  1. The FBI, ICE, and TSA should merge to form one organization in order to focus on “criminal activity” within the United States
  2. The JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Forces) should be disbanded since they afford terrorist the opportunity to infiltrate operations using rogue cops and other operatives
  3. Monetary rewards should be offered to anyone who provides information on would be terrorist activities that prove to be substantiated, thereby preventing potential terrorist attacks
  4. The FBI, ICE, and TSA should not be directly involved in the investigation of terrorism.  Presently the FBI is quick to respond to terrorist attacks after they occur, and send in evidence teams to pick up the pieces; or investigate a killed terrorist’s home for paperwork or computer information.  These activities are reactive, and do very little to prevent future attacks based upon the nature of today’s terrorists who operate independently with minimal direct links to other domestic terrorists or overseas operatives.  The FBI has proven itself to be an ineffective organization when it comes to preventing terrorism as evidenced by the number and severity of recent attacks across America
  5. A new Intelligence Organization should be formed in the United States similar to MI6 in England.  This organization would be charged with identifying and infiltrating terrorist cells both domestically and internationally and preventing terrorist attacks.  It would work closely with the DIA and CIA.  This agency would also be empowered to recruit special agents from the native Mideast/African population who speak the language and understand local cultural nuances, as well as religious and tribal activities associated with ISIS and Al-Qaeda.  Presently the special agent ranks of the FBI, ICE, and TSA consists of  “white bread” who are effectively barred from infiltrating terrorist organizations overseas due to their heritage, appearance, language skills, cultural understanding, and other obvious deficiencies.  Also, the FBI has embarked on a long-standing campaign of recruiting female special agents, who could never penetrate ISIS or Al-Qaeda due to Sharia Law.  Such an encumbrance puts the FBI at a disadvantage in the collection of intelligence information.   The “clean skin” operatives  recruited from the Mideast and Africa would remain overseas for the duration of their careers or association with the new Intelligence Organization, in order to ensure America’s  safety as well as operational security
  6. The resultant organizational merger of the FBI, ICE and TSA would concentrate and focus their efforts on the criminal activity of American citizens and illegal aliens, in areas such as the improper acquisition of weapons/explosives, fraudulent issuance/receipt of VISA’s, entry of illegal aliens into the United States and other domestic crimes.  Any information/data acquired in the course of these “criminal investigations” pertaining to terrorism would be forwarded to the newly formed Intelligence Organization for review and action.  Of particular alarm at this time is the number of aliens entering the United States with “Visitor” or “Work” Visas, issued by the State Department.  In 2015 alone, over 500,000 aliens remained in the United States simply by overstaying their VISA.  Their illegal presence in the United States presents a security risk not acknowledged by either the State Department or the FBI since there is no mechanism in place to locate and deport these individuals
  7. Present employees of the FBI, ICE, and TSA would be prohibited from engaging in any terrorist investigations or transferring into the newly formed Intelligence Organization, due to the likely possibility that they would contaminate and compromise future operations by leaking information to ISIS or Al-Qaeda
  8. The US State Department is complicit in many past terrorist attacks by enabling foreigners to enter America via an amalgamation of VISA’s, which contain minimal vetting of applicants and are an open invitation to terrorists.  These VISA’s provide the alien with an assortment of benefits, including housing, welfare, food stamps, travel to America, educational expenses and a variety of other “benefits” not afforded to US citizens.  Within this group of immigrants coming to America are terrorists who plan on killing Americans and blowing up buildings.  Such was the case with the 9/11, Boston Marathon Bombers and the San Bernardino attack.  Most terrorists entering America are welcomed by the US State Department who have invented some very ingenious VISA programs in order to disguise the true identities and intentions of those entering the United States.  The most blatant of these scams is called the Green Card Lottery VISA & Diversity VISA programs, which allows 50,000 potential terrorists to enter America each year, via an electronic drawing overseas which anyone can enter.  The investigative agency formed by the merger of the FBI, ICE, and TSA should focus on the illegal activities of the US State Dept. and their abuse of VISA’s which allow terrorists unrestricted entry into the United States.  The US State Dept. is so ignorant that they actually ask foreigners if they have any association with terrorists or terrorist organizations.  If the person answers “No”, then they are allowed entry.  The Tsarnaev brothers of the Boston Marathon bombing utilized these types of VISA’s in order to consummate their terrorist attack on Boston.  The FBI was warned by Russian intelligence about the Tsarnaev terrorists but took no action to prevent the bombing.
  9. The present open-border policy of the US Government is an invitation to terrorists, who realize that no one in the US Government is monitoring who enters or leaves the United States. There are presently an estimated 18,000,000 illegal aliens residing in the United States who are unaccounted for.  Nobody knows who or where they are, or even where they came from.  We can thank President Obama for this mess.
  10. Due to the politicization of today’s Investigative Agencies (FBI/ICE/TSA); the new Intelligence Organization (similar to MI-6) would report directly to Congress, thereby allowing them to exercise the independence they need to report terrorist activities and threats in an open manner, both to the Congress as well as the American People.  The present system which enables the President to whitewash terrorist actions is unacceptable. It enables terrorist to operate with impunity and spread their message of hate and destruction, aided by a politician more concerned about his legacy than the safety of the American people.

     The United States Congress must take the initial steps in forming such an Intelligence Organization recommended by COPFOX; since many of the present investigative agencies will oppose any move to streamline and improve the current dismal anti-terrorist situation that exists in America; where every week or two another attack occurs and nobody has any idea how it happened.

Islamic Terror Attacks on American Soil are continuing at an alarming rate, and many more will happen if America does not take the threat seriously.



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