J. Edgar Hoover

     Ever since the departure of J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI has been slowly descending into an organization of corruption and incompetence.  While many have noticed this transition, few have been able to pinpoint the exact cause of this trend.  It is not as though this type of activity is restricted to the rank and file special agents, but it has now reached the administrative levels of the organization, where Assistant Directors accept money from politicians to advance the careers of their wives, and Directors purposely falsify reports and lie to Congress to let Presidential candidates escape justice.  While certain field offices within the FBI are notorious for corruption (Boston, Newark, Denver, Los Angeles), it now seems as though corrupt activities are popping up everywhere.   It is undeniable that the standards of the FBI and their recruitment criteria have been eroding over the years.  Traditionally under Hoover, the FBI sought those with Law or Accounting backgrounds and strictly prohibited any female from becoming a special agent due to both physical and mental limitations.  However, today a degree in English or World History seems to fit the bill and every overweight, uneducated, frumpy woman seems to have lodged themselves in the upper echelons of the organization.  Also, fewer candidates have military experience due to the flooding of FBI ranks with women, who are more suitable for employment at the local delicatessen.   This trend was initiated by Washington politicians to curry favor with the female voting block which has become a politicians favorite source of votes.  Also, by having so many agents that are hired through nepotism and favoritism, the politicians can have unlimited control over the FBI work product, as seen with the Hillary Clinton investigation.  The FBI is now a political appendage in many areas and has lost credibility with the American people.

     To restore the American peoples’ confidence in the FBI certain actions must take place immediately.  First and foremost is the prosecution of Ex-FBI Director James Comey, who knowingly and purposely falsified and subverted the results of the Hillary Clinton investigation.  Presently, the FBI is stonewalling attempts by Congress and others to get documents and transcripts of interviews pertaining to the Clinton investigation.  Evidently, there are things in these documents which contradict the statements, decisions, and conclusions made by James Comey, and could lead to his arrest and prosecution.  The fact that HE decided not to move forward with charges against Hillary Clinton ranks as one of the FBI’s most corrupt actions in the past 50 years.  His decision to offer a final opinion on what is prosecutable was unauthorized and a clear example of overreach.  One can only wonder what contacts he had with Attorney General Lynch and President Obama prior to his public absolution of Hillary Clinton.  While he may state emphatically that he did not personally discuss this matter with Lynch or Obama, his intermediaries undoubtedly had constant and continuous conversations with each of these individuals, with the objective of formulating a plausible method of getting Hillary Clinton off scot-free.  At that time the belief was favoring Hillary Clinton’s victory in the election which would have guaranteed James Comey a continuous job a the FBI, and a potential Supreme Court seat.  Such bargaining and promises made by politicians are their bread and butter when it comes to corrupting government officials and getting the results they desire; even if they violate the law.

     While this Comey matter is still pending in Washington circles, COPFOX advises Congressmen and Senators to carefully consider getting all the facts and documents from the FBI and pursuing a criminal conviction of  Ex-FBI Director Comey.  It is only a matter of time before some disgruntled FBI employee leaks these documents to the press, which would only confirm suspicions of the American people regarding FBI conduct in office.  In fact, the destruction of these documents may already be underway considering how the FBI endorsed the elimination of evidence in the Hillary Clinton “matter” and took no action.  Most concerning is the fact that US Senators and Congressmen are willing to allow such a travesty of justice in the Clinton investigation to take place. Unless of course, they may need the FBI to roll over in the future when they themselves become the target of an investigation.  Such quid-pro-quos are employed frequently in Washington DC when a politician needs a special favor!


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