The U.S. State Department has been working diligently for many years against the best interest of the American People, as well as President Trump.  It has scoured the earth seeking out the vilest and most corrupt populations in order to transport them to the United States; all the while having the American taxpayer finance the cost.  It is well noted that these so called “oppressed” peoples are anything but, and have used UN Legal classifications in order to sidestep the traditional vetting process.  By this means they need only state they are being persecuted and they are given VISA entry into the United States and a basket full of benefits and privileges.  One of the most egregious VISA scams initiated by the State Department is the Green Card Lottery, which allows anyone in a 3rd World Country to put their name into a lottery, and if they are “chosen”, then they are whisked away to a new home in America, all expenses paid (even for their family).

Tamerlan Tsarnaev

    Many, if not all of the terrorists who have attacked America in the past twenty years have been issued VISA’s by the US State Department.  Evidently, the State Dept. could care less about the danger they present or the fact that they have a long history of violence and crime in their former countries.  Many of these “immigrants” traveled back and forth from America to terrorist training camps in the Mideast and Russia and nobody even bothered to stop them (e.g. Tsarnaev Brother/Boston Marathon).  While President Trump has dramatically cut back the staff of the State Department, more needs to be done.  Their funding should be scaled down by at least fifty percent, and many of their exotic VISA programs should be eliminated.  The VISA has become a tool of terrorists as well as lazy, dirty, worthless immigrants seeking free handouts in perpetuity.

     The twist on this old story is now the State Dept. is transplanting criminals and ne’er-do-wells from all over Europe and the Mideast into small towns across America.  These immigrants are from the lowest strata of society, both economically and morally.  One need only look at the countries or regions they come from to realize that no progress has occurred there for thousands of years.  The laziness and immorality are built into these people and genetically transferred from generation to generation.  Moving them into Europe or America cannot erase tens of thousands of years of genetic encoding.

      An excellent example of State Dept. shenanigans are the Somalians who were moved from Africa to Livingston, Maine a few years ago.  Now, these immigrant Somalians are in the process of ruining what once was a peaceful and beautiful town.  Crime there is on an uptick as well as rape. A more recent example is the moving of vagrant gypsies from Europe to California, Pennsylvania; where they proceeded to trash the town and defecate in the streets.  Consider these immigrants to be a true representation of what the US State Dept. classifies as upstanding and productive immigrants.  Gypsies are the largest ethnic minority group in Europe, and it seems the US State Department is now focused on bringing thousands of them into America; depositing them into small towns everywhere.  Ironically, they don’t want them anywhere near the towns which they live in, such as Alexandria, VA. Rather, they farm them out into small, peaceful communities, expecting citizens in middle America to domesticate these savages, which is an impossible task.

     If the liberals in the US State Dept. want to help these foreigners out so much, they should invite them into their own homes and pay the associated expenses.  Don’t put the burden on the working class Americans who are already taxed to the limit.   The US State Department plans on dumping tens of thousands of these filthy scum right into everyone’s backyard, without notice or warning. White flight will soon ensue, except those leaving will not get any assistance from the US State Dept.

Gypsy Apartment Building In Europe


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