Gang Bangers, Cartel Members, Terrorists, and Pimps are now flocking to purchase or steal the current Jeep vehicles.  Many years ago these cars and trucks were the mainstays of the US Military in a number of wars and foreign conflicts.  However, now they have become the focus of criminal elements both inside the United States as well as Latin America.  Their range of models appeals to both the city dweller that has an interest in Prostitution and Drug sales; as well as the Mexican Cartels who want a reliable vehicle to transport drugs and cash across the southern border.  COPFOX members will be getting a full white paper on all the details.  For others, the following information may be of interest and is being provided as a cautionary heads-up on a potential legitimate purchase you may be considering!

  • COPFOX has made inquiries into the number and types of stolen vehicles in California, Texas, New York City and other major areas across the country in order to determine if any one particular vehicle is being targeted for theft, and by whom. Surprisingly enough, it turns out to be the old reliable Jeep – in all of its many forms.
  • The Jeep Grand Cherokee seems to be targeted for theft or purchase in many major cities by Pimps due to its ability to blend into the city-scape while hauling “passengers” to and from designated areas.  It also provides amble concealment areas for both drugs and weapons should the Pimp be engaged in other nefarious activities.
  • In some cities, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is being purchased/stolen based on its color in order to designate its ultimate utility and purpose: A Red Jeep signifies a drug sale and transport vehicle,  a White Jeep signifies a prostitution vehicle and a Blue/Black Jeep signifies a weapons sale and transport vehicle.  Although this color code is not universal or being strictly adhered to, it is common knowledge on the street!
  • The current Jeep models also have an automatic engine shut off mechanism when the vehicle is stopped for any reason in traffic.  It automatically restarts when the gas pedal is engaged.  This feature allows a driver (drug distributor/gang member) to quickly and quietly drop off drugs or shoot a rival competitor in the street with minimal commotion or noise.  It’s almost as though the vehicle was never in the area, making for great concealment of any criminal activity.
  • The Jeep Grand Cherokee can also carry multiple passengers, making it ideal for transporting a number of Prostitutes to work.
  • The Jeep Wrangler is a particular favorite of the various Mexican/Latin American Drug Cartels who specialize in transporting drugs and cash across the southern border; as well as sales of contraband weapons in the United States.  The open flat-bed of the vehicle has often been modified and outfitted with a .50 caliber machine gun in Mexico, which is used to protect drug/cash deliveries and “dispatch” rival gang members.  A passenger sitting in the vehicle bed can quickly assemble the weapon on a Tripod when drug/weapon deliveries are made or threats detected, and then immediately lower the weapon beneath the bed’s panels for concealment during a getaway.
  • The Jeep Wrangler is also an excellent all-terrain vehicle allowing it to go off-road when necessary, either to make a delivery or escape capture.  Information obtained by rival gangs or the authorities make drug, weapon and cash deliveries a risky business both in the United States as well as Mexico; making an all-terrain, nimble, and small vehicle a necessity in some areas.
  • Jeeps are also a prized gang/cartel vehicle because of the various areas within and outside the vehicles where traps can be deployed.  Traps are small metal containers which hide drugs and cash and are often welded into place below the frame of the vehicle. Because the Jeep is so open it allows easy access to any trap installed, thereby expediting the transfer of cash or drugs with minimal time lost.  The longer a vehicle stays at the scene of a drug/cash transfer the higher the likelihood of detection and possible ambush/gunfire.

Jeeps Are Used in Drug Smuggling Operations All Along the Mexico/American Border

     Thousands of Jeep vehicles of various types have been confiscated and/or found abandoned recently by the Mexican Police and Military.  Many have been stolen or purchased in the US and are considered by the drug cartels to be throw-away vehicles.  Cartels are flush with drug money and are more than willing to buy multiple Jeeps to further their enterprise operations.  They are often found abandoned along the roadways in Mexico and typically shot full of bullet holes from rival gangs competing in the drug trade – rendering the vehicles inoperative. The criminal occupants typically flee the scene in another vehicle or on foot if they are still alive. Even American tourists driving a Jeep in Mexico are not safe, especially when they encounter the Mexican police.  Mexican police are notorious for cooperating with drug dealers and will sometimes stop an American tourist driving a newer car simply to shake them down or commandeer the vehicle.  Typically, the Mexican police will charge the American driver and passengers with a fictitious crime and subsequently arrest them. The vehicle they were driving is then “confiscated” and goes directly to drug dealers for their operations.  Alarmingly, most warnings given to American tourists about the dangers of traveling in Mexico are ignored, allowing drug dealers, thieves, and the police the opportunity to prey on unwary and ignorant Americans who sightsee far out of town or drive off the beaten path.  Often, these areas are hotspots for the manufacture, packaging, and distribution of drugs.  An American tourist traipsing through and taking pictures of the scenery is something the drug dealers don’t want!

Mexican Police In Cahoots With Drug Cartels:

     As is true in many American towns and cities it is unwise to rely on the police for safety or protection as they are often in cahoots with some of the worst criminal elements in society.  Another dangerous activity while in Mexico is notifying the police that you observed criminal activity of any kind.  This is simply an invitation for trouble, not from the criminals your reporting but from the police.  The concern of the Mexican police is padding their pockets with hard, cold cash!  Anything or anyone that interrupts the flow of their funds is considered a threat and dealt with harshly.  American tourists who “go missing” in Mexico or Latin America (and there are many) often have the unfortunate luck of meeting up with cartel members/police in a desolate area or beach town after observing something they shouldn’t have.  The only way to keep the American tourist silent is to make sure they never return to the United States!  It has been definitively proven that Mexico’s economy is totally dependent on drug sales to Americans.  Cartel drug sales and money transported between Mexico and the United States are activities endorsed and facilitated by the Mexican police, who get a cut of the action.  Much like their American counterparts, they report to work each day looking for the opportunity to enrich themselves at the expense of the public.

Think Twice Before Purchasing a Jeep

   For those Americans in the United States considering the legitimate purchase of a Jeep as your next car, careful consideration of its current street reputation and use are in order.  It is now a preferred vehicle for Pimps, Drug Cartels, and Criminals in most States and Mexico.  Often when a Jeep is seen in any major American city it is prudent to observe its occupants and determine if you want to be anywhere near its proximity since gunfire can spontaneously erupt at any given moment.  If you see a black man driving the Jeep with a white woman passenger(s), then you know it is being used in Prostitution or Drug sales.  If you see Latinos driving the Jeep, then it’s typical use may be the sale of drugs or the movement of illegitimate cash.  Any Jeep at any time may be stolen and in transport to a new location in furtherance of illegal activity. As cited above, knowledge of the vehicle’s color is often helpful in determining it’s functionality and objectives, but an assessment of its occupants is often a more reliable and predictive means of determining it’s threat level.  Just as you would avoid a ghetto or major crime area in a City, it is wise to avoid those involved in illegal activity.  The odds are they are armed and dangerous, and driving a Jeep.

At all times be wary!

                                     JEEPS ARE NOW BEING USED TO TRANSPORT PROSTITUTES


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