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COPFOX is often asked to evaluate and explain current societal trends, many of which develop and morph into actions considered outside accepted legal standards.  One current trend sweeping the nation is the KILL A COP – SAVE A LIFE movement, which has millions of followers.  Often those working in government view trends of this nature as blips on the screen and write them off as insignificant occurrences which have little impact on the nation or public policy.  However, some trends gain traction and become ingrained as a way of life for certain segments of the population.  This is especially true for minorities who for years have identified themselves as being persecuted and maligned by the US Government and Courts.  As a consequence, they have developed a number of protective mechanisms, which include beliefs and tactics designed to ward off threats to their existence.  Many anthropologists recognize that outward displays of aggression and hostility by components of one tribe will be met with an equally forceful response from other tribes.  In this instance, the “tribe vs. tribe” theory correlates into a COP VS. MINORITY scenario where the existence and proliferation of one depends upon the elimination of the other.  The KILL A COP – SAVE A LIFE movement expresses the wishes of the American minority population, who perceive their life and liberty to be threatened by the Government.   Pro-actively warding off this threat has become the focus of many minorities in America who have encouraged violence against law enforcement and believe killing a cop will ultimately save lives for members of their tribe.  The following is a brief analysis of the mindset of those promoting the KILL A COP – SAVE A LIFE trend:

The mantra KILL A COP – SAVE A LIFE is premised on the fact that cops have demonstrated their inability to respect citizens and act in accordance with the law.  For many years they have acted in concert with corrupt Prosecutors and Judges who have rubber stamped false complaints and warrants against innocent people.  Consequently, the inherent nature of cops is now being revealed in such a way that their presence is a threat to life, and like a mad-dog, they must be put down. Putting them down eliminates any potential harm that may occur through their use of excessive force.  Many in society have experienced the vagrancies of the US Criminal Justice System, which is finely tuned to convict anyone who is marched into the courthouse.  Often this process entails the submission of false and “incriminating” evidence by the cop, who will swear on a stack bibles that what they present is the truth.  Subsequent DNA and Video evidence prove them to be liars, but the conviction often stands resulting in long-term incarceration or worse – the death of an innocent person.  Numerous minority segments of society equate the cop to a “mad-dog” that does not respond to logic or reason, but only responds to pain and punishment.  Consequently, many minority citizens have adopted a proactive approach to the Criminal Justice System which incorporates a survival technique that has been around for thousands of years – Eliminate the Threat.

Also, in an attempt to legitimize their activity, the minority population of the United States has appropriated the aid and assistance of anyone else they deem useful in this endeavor; often characterizing many mainstream elements of society as being oppressed minorities – including women.  In so doing they have formed a massive voting block which could inevitably threaten social stability and order.  Note the number of illegitimate children being born to unwed mothers today.  More than 72% of black children born in the United States are illegitimate; making them ideal targets for indoctrination into criminal gangs and terrorist organizations.  The illegitimacy rate for European immigrants that migrated from Africa and the Mideast is even higher.  These “bastards” and “bitches” will ultimately be identified as a minority, just as white women currently are; thereby increasing the number of people willing to lash out against the US Government.  With the current immigration policies of the United States being so loose and convoluted; it is predicted that vast quantities of Muslims and Terrorists will be folded into this minority block, thereby coalescing all so called oppressed peoples into one aggrieved population and political party, willing to take law and order into their own hands.  Many segments of America currently refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election and seek the removal of President Trump by whatever means necessary.  The Democratic Party is obsessed with overturning the election which they perceived as an opportunity to empower many of these minority/terrorist groups.  The election of Donald Trump put a screeching halt on their grand plan for social “equality”, where every scum-ball in the world would saunter into the United States and receive instant citizenship and a basket-full of benefits; like in England, Sweden, Germany, and France. In these countries, cops are routinely beaten and murdered, and their presence in many areas are restricted by “no-go zones”.  Similarly, in the United States, cops are fearful and will not enter many minority communities.  Is it any wonder that the Democrat Party under Barack Obama so wholeheartedly endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement or linked up with Iran and Cuba.  It is the Democrat perception that the white, working, middle-class citizen is holding back “progress” and the implementation of their lofty ideals.   Once again, this is the expression of a primordial survival technique – Eliminate The Threat.  Unfortunately, the media has bought into this warped mindset and has fueled the fire of dissent; creating chaos on the streets and violence in many neighborhoods across America.  The KILL A COP – SAVE A LIFE concept is merely an extension and iteration of Democrat Party principles, espoused and practiced most diligently by Hillary Rodham Clinton and her minions.

Knowing that the cop will use force in an unauthorized manner, and will falsify events in order to justify a shooting; the average minority has decided to eliminate the potential threat by killing the cop on sight.  It is exactly what is done when one sees a rabid dog foaming at the mouth.  One does not wait to see if the mad-dog will ignore you or act in a friendly manner since its appearance and one’s prior knowledge about such dogs are sufficient to make a reasonable prediction about what it will do.  Similarly, the rabid-cop has demonstrated it’s willingness to shoot people in the back, crack heads open, and falsify reports; all in the name of Justice.  The KILL A COP – SAVE A LIFE approach to citizen/police interactions is a survival technique and self-preservation strategy which pro-actively protects minority citizens because, given the current mental state of many cops, they present a real and present danger to certain segments of society.  It is not only the law abiding citizens whose are threatened by the rabid-dog cop but also those most willing to commit crimes and act unlawfully ( e.g. minorities and terrorists).  It is this segment of society promoting the KILL A COP – SAVE A LIFE activity; because through the elimination of cops, they are free to engage in all type of illegal and immoral conduct.

It should be noted that the best way to dispatch a mad-dog or its equivalent is a bullet between the eyes, preferably with a 44 Magnum.  Although illegal handguns are flooding many American cities, and in the hands of minorities represent a real and present danger to citizens; they are still costly and out of reach for many who would want them.  Since such weapons are not readily available to many minorities, other means and weapons are now being employed by various “disenfranchised” factions both in America and Europe.  ISIS in Europe and America are now using generic tools to kill people, including knives, axes, trucks, and vehicles. Paradoxically, the tribal mentality of these minority groups often becomes distorted and misdirected as they seek dominance and identity; often turning on each other as in Chicago and Detroit where guns are prevalent and used without hesitation.  Democrat Mayors of these cities welcome and encourage such violence knowing that most of those killed are parasitic elements of society with little or no socially redeeming value.  These deaths in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Los Angeles, NYC, etc. are usually a consequence of turf wars, where rival tribes (gangs) compete for drug sales.  Their ability to form a cohesive organization is thwarted by primordial instincts such as greed and envy.  So, it will take time and an active propaganda campaign to unite the various factions seeking the death of cops without warning.  The KILL A COP – SAVE A LIFE campaign is just such a movement; inspired by BLACK LIVES MATTER groups, it seeks to encourage the death of cops as a matter of principle.  Recently a cop in NYC was shot in the head as she sat in a Mobile Command Unit, she eventually died as a result of the attack.  As such apparently “random” attacks become more and more widespread, the objectives of the KILL A COP – SAVE A LIFE campaign will be brought to fruition by eliminating more and more cops.  With momentum, the KILL A COP – SAVE A LIFE campaign will empower minority and terrorist elements in the United States; thereby increasing the likelihood that more cops will be attacked and killed on any given day.

Another issue in the KILL A COP – SAVE A LIFE movement is the willingness of the US State Department to import millions of terrorists and undocumented aliens into the United States; and the fact that millions of illegals are already here.  Presently it is estimated that there are over 20 Million illegal aliens roaming the streets of the United States, many of them criminals.  The US State Department is loaded with liberals seeking to undermine traditional values and morals in America.  They will finance the importation of human feces from all over the world and then deposit these criminals directly into small town America.  The US State Department is careful not to put the Somalian and African trash near their own homes but have no problem relocating them into predominately white neighborhoods where there is little crime.  Once this dogshit arrives the crime rate skyrockets.   Another example of government ineptitude is the proliferation of MS-13, which is a murderous gang dedicated to violence and drug sales.  They originated in El Salvador and illegally entered the United States setting up shop in Los Angeles, a sanctuary City.  There, they grew and prospered; ultimately expanding their territory across the country.  President Obama welcomed these criminals, considering they were very much like himself.  These criminals embrace the KILL A COP – SAVE A LIFE movement because it eliminates and reduces the possibility of their being captured and deported.  So we see that there are many elements in America who want cops dead.  COPFOX anticipates many cops will be murdered in the next few years given their lack of education, skills, and ability to interact lawfully with the public.

COPFOX encourages all citizens to obey the law!



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