As an anthropologist and art critic, I have been to Africa many, many times and have studied the African in their native habitat and reported my finding to scholarly journals and periodicals.  The portrait of Michelle Obama is a ruse designed to confuse the public into believing that Michelle Obama is less black than she really is.  As with almost 80% of blacks in Africa, skin bleaching is a common practice.  This procedure typically involves using creams and chemicals to lighten the blacks skin so as to make them appear more acceptable to society.  This trend became widespread upon the introduction of mobile phones into Africa where they began to compare themselves to other women in the world and strived to emulate their beauty.  The chemicals they use in the bleaching process are very harmful to anyone using them, often resulting in serious cases of skin cancer. This trend is also very common amongst blacks in Hollywood and the American fashion industry; where the black woman attempts to pass themselves off as being white.  Many female black singers, actresses and models skin bleach in one form or another.  They also use various forms of lightening makeup to lighten themselves by three or four shades.  Another issue is the blacks attempt to become blond haired (a traditional sign of beauty).  We now see many black women and men dying their hair blond in order to lighten their overall appearance.  They look so foolish and ridiculous to others and really need to be pitied for their ignorance.


     Now we see tens of millions of women (both white and black) dying their hair blond. They apparently don’t want to dye their hair red or brown but prefer blond because it symbolizes natural beauty.  The proportion of women in society with natural blond hair is the same as men, yet we rarely see a man with blond hair because it is so rare, and most men don’t bother dying their hair blond!  However, almost every woman we see today has bottled blond hair, and they soon let their dirty black roots show and have no shame in their duplicitous conduct.   Often we see female newscasters or TV Hosts with bleach blond hair and black roots.  What phonies.  On some television shows, the female hosts are all bottled blond; sitting there with their fat stomachs and blathering about one topic or another.  Just as skin bleaching products can cause cancer, so too can hair dying chemicals – which permeate the skin and typically coalesce in the female breasts over time; resulting in millions of needless mastectomies.  Selling skin bleaching products and hair dye chemicals are billion dollar industries around the world, and these companies pump loads of money into advertising and promoting their products.  The witless women buy these products thinking it will enhance their self-esteem, beauty, and acceptance; but all they really do is create future medical problems.  COPFOX will be posting a series of interviews we recently conducted with European Doctors and Surgeons who have confirmed the link between hair dye and breast cancer.  They present astounding statistics regarding the number of breast cancer cases directly correlated to and caused by the use of hair dye and the millions of women who must undergo painful mastectomies as a consequence. COPFOX urges American women to stop using hair dye products immediately.  This is for your own health and to keep your breasts healthy as well!


     After being in Africa and observing their tribal customs, I have come to the conclusion that the black in America is conflicted.  They just don’t know their place because they are a displaced population, who are living in an America that does not accept their habits, customs, rituals or dogmas.  COPFOX suggests that every African return to their roots in Africa in order to find out about themselves.  This includes the Obamas, who have apparently taken on many of the characteristics and habits of the white American population while rejecting their native roots.  Blacks in America are constantly trying to change their appearance and pass as white, and we often see this in TV commercials where the black man mingles with the white woman or light-skinned black woman.


     It is OK to put the black man with the black woman of the same color (both being equally black) in your product commercials.  By putting the black man with the white woman or the light-skinned black women you are insulting the black race by intimating that the black woman is not good enough for the black man, when in fact, they are both identical and of the same origin. They also possess equal atavistic characteristics and a shared history and identity.  In their attempt not to offend the white consumer,  company advertisers want to mix races; but very selectively – and definitely not by putting a dark-skinned black woman with a white man.  The current trend in American advertising is to show the “successful black family man” with a white wife and mulatto children – something very rarely found anywhere in America.  Indeed, over 72% of all black children born in America today are illegitimate (meaning – the black woman had the child out of marriage), and these children are wards of the State collecting monies from Uncle Sam, not from the black father!  The typical black woman in America is nothing more than a breeding factory that shits out illegitimate kids with no visible means of support.  The typical black man in America is a male whore that bounces from black woman to black woman, inseminating them with a foul and putrid sperm that they have no intent or desire to support nine months later.  Any American white woman who has a child by a black man is mentally defective and should recognize that the odds are almost 100% that you will be supporting that child alone and be on welfare and food stamps for a very long time!  The black in America is a chameleon, that can change color at will simply by using skin bleaching, hair dye or through association/fornication with others, not of their own persuasion.


     Which bring me to the portrait of Michelle Obama, which is an excellent example of skin bleaching and fraud – because it projects a false image of the black woman.  Michelle Obama thinks she is of direct European ancestry – that is why she visited France and tried to act like a French lady.  In the portrait, she wears a large White Dress that covers almost 50% of the picture.  Her black face is only a very small speck at the very top of the portrait.  Subconsciously, Michelle Obama wants to project herself as being white by covering her blackness in a White Dress.  Not just any White Dress, but a Milly dress – designed by Michelle Smith, noted for her radical support of everything weird, debaucherous and immoral.  The dress designer and portrait artist are both noted for trying to subvert the natural order of things and present a political/social injustice spin on everything they do; believing they can hoodwink the public into supporting abortion, transgenders, and aberrant radical ideologies.  The Michelle Obama portrait is more of a political statement than a true representation of what Michelle Obama actually looks like.  Most art critics and observers agree that the portrait face looks nothing like that of Michelle Obama, but this is keeping with the black trend in America to disguise and obfuscate their true identity and character, often to take advantage of others.  Using a large, flowing White Dress is a form of skin bleaching since it covers most of Michelle Obama’s body – and is the focal point of the painting.  We are no longer looking at the black women from Africa, but instead, are admiring a colorful white dress.  Confusion abounds in the viewer’s mind as to the purpose of the painting and whether or not the wearer of the dress is really black or just partially black.  Consequently, public distrust of Michelle Obama is lessened and she can feel good about being someone that is no longer completely African.


     A major issue with the painting is the color of Michelle Obama’s face and arms, which have been lightened a few shades.  In real like Michelle Obama is ink black, especially when seen without makeup or creams.  Her portrait, however, depicts her as being a lighter shade of black, almost a grey color; once again this is an attempt by the black woman to appear lighter than they really are to make themselves more acceptable and attractive and is a form of skin bleaching as well as deceptive advertising.  Michelle Obama does not want to be remembered or seen as a black woman from Africa, but a grey woman, not from Africa.  Even one or two shades lighter is a noticeable improvement for most blacks in America, considering that they are so dark to begin with.  To see how many shades lighter the artist made Michelle in the portrait, we need only look at the dark patches on the dress she is wearing, which are jet black.  Michelle Obama appears much lighter, and this is a tactic used by many artists to trick the observer into believing a person is lighter than they actually are.  The human mind subconsciously compares colors in a portrait assigning each a weight and preference value.  Black is one of those colors when seen on a person receives a very low preference rating, so turning black into a grey or brown is a common practice when painting a black woman on canvas.  This is also a widespread technique used by the Media in their advertisements whether on TV or print. Companies such as Target, Macy’s, Old Navy, Maybelline, etc. use so-called “light-skinned blacks” who have been airbrushed and lightened by makeup and dyes to make them more acceptable to the American people.  Skin bleaching can take many forms and is prevalent across America.  Sales would plummet dramatically if advertisers used the traditional dark African black, because of the offensive depiction and very low preference rating the ad would generate.  By changing Michelle’s skin color in the portrait the artist wants the observer to believe that she is no longer a dark African, but either a mix of races – or someone from the South Pacific or India where people can be brown or dark grey in color.

                                 Michelle Obama is Ink Black In Real Life


Silverback With Broad Shoulders

      Also, as an anthropologist, I must note that many African women suffer from steatopygia, which is an accumulation of fat on the buttocks.  I surmise that Michelle Obama’s portrait shows her sitting and draped in a very large dress in order to hide the size of her rear-end because she is suffering from steatopygia.  This condition is hereditary and common in African women and their descendants. It results from thousands of years of famine and drought on the African continent.   Consequently, most African women store fat in their buttocks so they can survive long periods of time without food.  Many black women in America have steatopygia which is passed on from generation to generation, and I suspect Michelle Obama has this condition.  Often times when we see pictures of Michelle Obama, they are from the waist up so as to hide the size of her ass.  Her sitting portrait is a deft attempt to disguise her size and girth.  Michell Obama is an oversized woman who has the potential to become quite obese in her later years.  In the past, there have been many questions about her sexual identity due to her masculine features and general somatotype.  Indeed, her portrait tends to downplay many of these masculine features by minimizing her head and shoulders while portraying ladylike fingers with light blue nail polish.  In real life, Michelle Obama has the hands of a gorilla and shoulders of a silverback.

                                          African Woman With Steatopygia


     Like so many black Hollywood celebrities and public figures, Michelle Obama painted herself with a White Dress because she is ashamed of her blackness.  She also wants to convince herself and others that she is no longer a poor black African woman living in America – but a  person socially accepted by the White elite.  Had she been honest with herself and others she would have worn some type of traditional African garb as depicted in the picture below.  When we compare and contrast the picture of Michelle Obama with that of the traditional black woman we can clearly see what happens when an African woman like Michelle Obama arrives in America and tries to pass herself off as being White.  Also, when comparing the two pictures, take careful note of the angry, hostile expression on Michelle Obama’s face and the peaceful smile on the face of the African woman.  When a woman tries to pass herself off as something she is not – then she cannot be content or happy.  Michelle Obama is a conflicted woman, and unfortunately, she will pass on this hatred and conflict to her children – Malia and Natasha (Sasha).  We can only feel sorry for them because their mother is not a good role model.  Some reports recently uncovered regarding Malia and Sasha indicate they are having difficulty adjusting to adulthood due to their mothers misguided and ill-informed perceptions of being an African in America.  She has left them confused and conflicted about their identity and place in western society.  Like so many other black mothers in America, Michelle fell short in her ability to pass on any appreciation for her African roots, which has left Malia and Natasha susceptible to a myriad of psychological and emotional problems, not the least of which being cognitive dissonance, identity diffusion, and depression.  It would not be alarming to learn that one or both of these individuals suffer from some type of suicidal ideations.

                                                         Malia & Sasha Obama


COPFOX urges Michelle Obama to reject her portrait and have it removed from the gallery.  It should be replaced with one that depicts her wearing traditional African garb, including appropriate scarfs, jewelry, and shells.  By so doing she will influence black women and black men across America to reject skin bleaching and blond hair dyes, which are currently causing an epidemic of sickness, dysphoria and mental disease amongst so many blacks in America!

                       Traditional African Garb



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