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     Unfortunately, the Miss America Pageant has succumbed to pressure by the women’s movement to change its standards and judging criteria.  Contestants will no longer be evaluated in a swimsuit or evening gown because this traditional metric for measuring beauty no longer applies to the American woman.  Indeed, when most American women wear a swimsuit or evening gown it reveals how fat and ugly they really are.  Also, the contestants will no longer be evaluated on their looks because there is a dearth of attractive women in America today.  One hundred years ago there was an abundance of beautiful women in the United States; but today most women are ugly, unkempt, fat and bellicose.  What the Miss America Pageant did was in keeping with what many companies and the U.S. Government have done for years in an attempt to equalize all sexes and races.  Change the rules and judging standards, and thereby pretend that everyone in America is the same.  What nonsense!

     Because the standards and rules have been relaxed and diminished, the Miss America Pageant will now have to accept just about anyone into their “contest.”  Therefore, the regulations governing State Pageants – where Miss America contestants are culled from – will necessarily have to be modified as well.  They too will have to allow women to dress any way they want, and become more tolerant of minority, overweight, and ugly contestants.  The floodgates have been opened for a new paradigm in judging beauty.  Ugly, fat and stupid are now the American standard for becoming Miss America.  However, most Americans still recognize the GOLD STANDARD when they see it, and it is no longer to be found at the Miss America Contest!


                                                   NORDIC BEAUTY

     While most Americans still recognize that a woman who is tall, thin, natural-blond, blue-eyed and Nordic is the GOLD STANDARD for beauty,  the Miss America Contest will try to convince us otherwise with an assortment of common fatties, who unfortunately have become the norm in American society and are overwhelming the landscape.  Also, COPFOX predicts that some women who are illegal aliens will want to compete in the Miss America Contest; claiming that they have every right to be Miss America, even though they have no legal right to be in the United States.  This is just how convoluted and perverse the woman’s groups in the United States that promote such nonsense have become.  They will push their own agenda even though it defies logic and reason.  These women are an abomination.  Speaking of which is the probable admittance of such groups as transvestites and transgenders into the Miss America Contest – they too need representation. Also, why are there any age restrictions for Miss America?  If the transgender or transvestite is older and not married, they can still be called “Miss.”  In years to come, it would not be surprising to find out that the new Miss America is a transgender/transvestite (age: 65) that still possess their male genitalia, and is more than willing to show them off.  The new Mis America could also be a dirty, smelly, illegal alien from Africa or the Mideast wearing a head to toe Burka!  Finally, we must not forget those individuals who at age 21 still don’t know what sex they really are – since they are confused about their identity and haven’t made up their minds, e.g. gender dysphoria or gender nonconformity.  They too need a place in the new “Miss America Contest.”  After winning the Miss America contest, they can then enter the Mr. Universe contest, since they have the luxury of changing their minds about their sexual identity at a moments notice, or whenever it suits their needs!


                                                         MISS AMERICA 2020

     COPFOX believes that the lesbians and gays in the United States have contaminated the Miss America Pagent because in the past it represented and honored traditional American values, such as beauty, truth, and family.  Lesbians, gays, and the women who support these groups reject such values and seek a new social order which embraces the single/working mother who either aborts their baby or shits them out by the dozen with no visible means of support – they are anti-family.  When the vast majority of traditional Americans see the gay man and lesbian woman they recognize them as living an aberrant, immoral and disgusting lifestyle.  Evidently, those in the Miss American Contest have crawled into bed with these heathens in an attempt to indoctrinate young, ignorant Americans into believing that such low lives are on equal footing with traditional Americans who extol virtue and chastity in women; as well as the sanctity of the unborn.  The Miss America Contest now represents the decline of a civilization, where there are no standards of conduct, decency or morals.  Undoubtedly, many women in America will see nothing wrong with what the Miss America Pageant is attempting to do since they have been brainwashed into accepting the most ludicrous and debaucherous conduct in movies, entertainment, and society.  We now see many American women applauding the gays and lesbians as well as their lifestyle, which is an abomination of men fucking men and women fucking women!  The new policies of the Miss America Contest are echoing these sentiments.  They are reaching out to a subculture that is doing everything in its power to become mainstream, and in so doing has defeated the entire purpose of the Miss America Pageant, which is to honor and elevate women and their beauty.  Unfortunately, given the rule changes made by the Miss America Organization – the American People can now expect to see a menagerie of misfits, malcontents, and uglies competing for a title that has little meaning or significance anymore.


     The new Mis America Contest will welcome trannys, lesbians, and hermaphrodites with open arms.  They obviously seek misfits, fatties, and freaks in order to appear politically correct and appease the growing number of lesbians in America, many of whom have no female characteristics, let alone beauty.  This Miss America Contest nonsense could only be promoted in the United States, where a stupid and ignorant population of women are willing to go along with it.  Is it any wonder that so many American women will never get married?  Men reject such bitches, who eventually wind up living with each other or single for life!  The only people watching the new Miss America Contest will be lesbians and bull-dykes, who will be groveling in their ability to promote a decadent lifestyle to a horde of impressionable millennials.


  It’s anybody’s guess what those in Miss America Organization and others like it will conjure up next to destroy the fabric and quality of life in the United States.  With 20 Million illegal, smelly, ignorant immigrants now flooding the streets of America – that the US Government welcomed with open arms; Americans are now expected to accept the trash of the world and support their dirty asses with taxpayer funds.  Also, Americans are being encouraged to abandon their values and adopt the savage/immoral beliefs of foreigners, many of whom are criminals and thieves. The Miss America Contest is playing its part in facilitating the restructuring of American values by indoctrinating the youth into believing that a  whore from India,  transvestite from San Francisco or fat, black single mother from Detroit can adequately represent the young women of America by becoming Miss America.  The only way the Miss America Organization can do this is by changing their own rules, which have been in existence since Sept. 8, 1921.   The Miss America Contest is now scraping the bottom of the barrel by allowing such low-lives to participate in a beauty pageant that is supposed to represent the young women of America. But then again (as the Miss America Organization states) – it is no longer a “beauty pageant”, but a contest.  Hence, the name change to – The Miss America Contest.


       At this time it is unknown what the new Miss America will get when she wins the contest, or how her “victory” will be celebrated.  Obviously, the traditional means of crowning the new Miss America with a tiara, and giving her a bouquet of roses will not be tolerated since it would be too reminiscent of the old beauty pageant days.  The new Miss America may be quite offended by anything linking her to femininity, which is now regarded as a weakness in America.  Instead, she wants to portray strength and virility, characteristics typically associated with men.  So, in keeping with their warped agenda, COPFOX recommends a set of Craftsman Tools and Work Boots for the new Miss America.

                                                   END OF AN ERA – MISS AMERICA 2017


     Future Miss America Contests will be very similar to watching female mud wrestlers, or women engaged in Cage Fighting.  No more civility or decorum. No more dresses, gowns, or bathing suits.  Just rank, skanky bitches with foul mouths and tough attitudes. COPFOX believes there will be hedonistic displays of the muscular, loud-mouth, bellicose single woman demonstrating her “independence” and ability to act like a man. That’s what it will take to become the “new” Miss America.    The new Miss America Contest is on a downward spiral and will undoubtedly be rejected by most Americans, especially men who recognize the dearth of beautiful, well-behaved women in America.  In their absence, the Miss America Contest has now decided to celebrate the uglies.  Hopefully, we will see an end to this decadent production in the not so distant future!

                                             FEMALE MUD WRESTLERS PREPARE FOR MISS AMERICA CONTEST


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