Across America, there are hundreds of “Sanctuary Cities” where illegal immigrants are given far better protection and services than citizens.  This is due to their Mayors who believe that being pro-illegal immigrant will assure their next election and keep them in office.  Unfortunately, by doing so they have placed the lives of citizens at risk; as we are now seeing a spike in crime due to groups such as MS13 spreading across the United States.  What was initially a localized gang whose activities were centered around Los Angeles has now become a national problem; thanks to the willingness of Police Chiefs across America to turn a blind eye to illegal immigrant violence and keep them in the United States, even after they have committed numerous crimes.  For whatever reason, Police Chiefs in these Sanctuary Cities have endorsed the failed policies of their Mayors.  They are not handing over these criminals to ICE for deportation which would automatically reduce the future crime rate by eliminating its source.

     Additionally, these Mayors and Police Chiefs are issuing public pronouncements touting the fact that their cities are sanctuaries, where illegals can roam the streets with impunity.  This encourages illegals to migrate and set up shop in their cities.  Most of these illegals are poor, dirty, uneducated criminals who have targeted American Sanctuary Cities as easy marks where they can organize and commit crime unchecked.  These crimes are often heinous in nature and their commission represents not only a means of survival for these illegals but can also be part of a gang initiation or the requirements of a “promotion”.  MS13 originated in El Salvador and that country presently has the highest murder rate in the world.  These gangs have brought their savagery directly into America, and the Mayors and Police Chiefs are too ignorant to realize the consequences.  This mayhem all began when President Obama welcomed these savages into America with open arms, claiming they were seeking opportunity and a better life for themselves and their children.  In fact, most of these illegals are single men between the ages of 15 and 30 and have a history of criminal activity in El Salvador.  These hardened criminals have brought their violence to cities across America.

    As President Trump begins to clean up the mess left by Obama and his minions, we will eventually see Sanctuary Cities disappear, along with rogue Mayors and ass-lick Police Chiefs who have no courage or moral conviction.  By withholding federal dollars from these Sanctuary Cities, President Trump will educate these liberal politicians and make life more difficult for them.  As the crime rate soars due to limited law enforcement resources, the public will demand the removal of not only the Mayors but also the cowardly Police Chiefs.  There is a price to be paid for the ignorance being demonstrated by Sanctuary City Mayors and Police Chiefs.  Currently, that price is being paid by law abiding citizens; it is about time it is shifted towards those formulating illegal and dangerous policies that protect criminal illegal aliens.

                                                   U.S. Police Chiefs Are Protecting Criminals                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


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