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Obama Portrait Painting by Kehinde Wiley

     Typically, when I am in Africa and want to photograph the natives I will use a backdrop of wild shrubs or trees that are indigenous to the African continent, thereby revealing the true nature, character and living conditions of the African tribesman.  The Africans are very happy to see the photos I take and believe they are a true representation of who they are and what they have been for millennia.  However, once the African gets deposited into foreign lands, it attempts to change its natural nature by taking on the trappings of new and far more advanced civilizations and cultures. As a consequence, the African always comes up short and is recognized as a dangerous entity and ostracized.  Over my forty years in studying and evaluating Africans in their native habitat I am convinced the issues surrounding the aberrant and destructive conduct of Africans in Europe, America, and Asia are a direct result of their misguided attempts to assimilate into new and advanced civilizations where they don’t belong. Many anthropologists refer to Africans as chameleons because they disguise their true identity (once in a new country) by changing their hair, clothes, mannerisms, diet, and speech to fit into a societal structure not designed for their presence.  It’s like putting lipstick on a pig or a tuxedo on a dancing bear.  Everyone knows it’s still a pig and a bear.  In the case of the African however, they really believe they are “different” once they cloak themselves with these ephemeral disguises.  Eventually, their true identity comes out.  We often see this when they riot, loot, burn buildings or rape innocent women.  These are savage traits often overlooked in Africa, and in many parts of Africa are condoned and lauded.  Polygamy, communal sex, and illegitimate/unsupported children are natural occurrences in Africa, as is cannibalism and disease.  Most U.S. media have never been to Africa so they do not have the ability to accurately report on the differences between Africa and other continents.  My evaluation of the Obama portrait is as always an attempt to expose the reality and dangers of accepting the news, art, media or entertainment at face value, and not delving into what it’s true symbolism represents.  Today the American news/entertainment industry is all about deceiving the public, especially the teens and millennials; who for all practical purposes are witless when it comes to having any understanding of history or artistic expression.

     As a COPFOX contributor, I have been assigned to critique the official Obama portraits (Barack & Michelle). As an anthropologist, I have examined African art and tribal mannerisms for many years and am happy to present this critique of the Obama portrait.  The critique of Michelle’s portrait will appear in a future COPFOX post.


  • The first thing I see in the portrait is a disorganized and inaccurate perspective relating to the size of Barack’s hands and head.  His hands are too large. I believe the artist is trying to minimize the size of his ears and express some type of strength by enlarging the hands.  Also, his hair is not the right color and lacks the amount of grey that Obama currently has.
  • The next issue I see with the painting is the coloration of  Barack himself.  He is much darker in skin color than what his portrait shows.  Once again this is an attempt to make him more palatable/acceptable to the Western world.  Skin Bleaching is a real problem in Africa where in some countries almost 80% of blacks are bleaching their skin with chemicals and solvents.  We also see this in America where blacks (both male and female) are dying their hair blond in an attempt to jettison their blackness.  The chemicals they use in skin bleaching are causing serious medical problems including lesions, cancer, and cysts.
  • One of the more obvious problems with the portrait is that Obama looks more like a Native American Indian than a black man.  This was probably done by design in order to change the origins of Obama from Africa to Native American.  Viewers should note the red colors used in the facial area of the portrait and the lack of the color black.  Also, find below on this page a portrait of a Native American which looks very similar to what we see in the Obama portrait in terms of color and pigmentation.  However, for a Native American, these colors are accurate.  The Obama artist should have used black in Obama’s face but chose not to. This portrait is reminiscent of the statue of Martin Luther King in Washington D.C. that is totally white, with no trace of black; another attempt to wash out the blackness of Africans in America.  Africans are just so ashamed of their blackness that they will resort to any means in order to deceive others, this includes altering the coloration in paintings and appearing in statues that are opposite in color of what they really are.
  • Another problem with the portrait is his placement in a field of what appears to be Ivy, some of which are in bloom.  Evidently, the artist is attempting to reject native African plants and replace them with American plants that are traditionally associated with higher learning (Universities).  The idea of some plants being in bloom and other in a developmental stage is also an attempt to portray the man as being in an evolutionary state when in fact the black in America is perpetually atavistic, their tribal/primitive roots being an integral part of their identity and easily distinguishes them from others.  The artist attempts to portray Obama not as an African but as someone who has been Americanized (more white/red than black).  This is pure deception on the part of the artist.  Also, it has been my experience in studying African tribes that they typically live in barren, sandy desert areas that are devoid of all vegetation.  The placing of Obama in a field of Ivy is an attempt to disassociate him with his African roots; clearly more deception on the part of the artist.
  • In conclusion, I find the portrait to be highly deceptive but nonetheless typical of the African in America.  We are now seeing Africans in America attempting to dilute their blackness by copulating/fornicating with white females, most of whom are PWT (poor white trash). However, this does not dissuade the African, who in Africa willingly copulates with monkeys and apes; which has caused the worldwide spread of HIV and AIDS.

     The Presidency of Barack Obama has been recognized as one of the least productive periods of time in American History.  When we compare his capsule of time with that of the African nations over many, many years, we can see a trend as well as a positive correlation and link between the black man and a lack of progress in any society they inhabit.  Is it any wonder that Obama was placed in a field of shrubs which grow wild and need very little care or attention.  During the Obama Presidency, he neglected the country and left it in a state of disrepair and disrepute.




Native American Portrait Painting by Theresa Paden


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