Rat1     The average New Yorker unknowingly eats over 4.8 lbs. of rat feces and rat parts each year;  based upon a recent medical study done by the Healthsmart-Analytics Group in conjunction with COPFOX.  They estimate that for every person in New York City there are 28 rats.  These rats are dwelling in the subways, sewers, apartment buildings, high rise towers, and restaurants.  Most alarming is the fact that each rat spends it’s entire day and night searching for food and eats the same food as humans.  When not eating food, rats are either breeding or sleeping.  In the wild, rats typically eat grain and fruit, but when confined to a city like NYC, they are compelled to eat food that is imported into the city for human consumption.  This food typically is stored in warehouses until it is made available for human consumption.

     New York City Rats have developed the ability to locate food sources and invade once impervious stockpiles of supplies meant for the dining tables of New Yorkers.  As New York City residents go out to shop for food in the local delicatessens, food markets or produce stands; it is estimated that a large portion of their purchase has been contaminated with rat feces.  The study by Healthsmart-Analytics indicates that the majority of take-out food or restaurant fare has been contaminated by rat droppings, saliva, hair, parasites and various other rat components.  These foods consist of such items as Pizza, Hot Dogs, Fried Chicken, Donuts, as well as items typically found on the menus of fine dining establishments; such as pastries, filet mignon, shrimp and fish, pasta and bread.

Rat2     Unfortunately, New Yorker’s are not careful about what they eat or where they eat.  Nor do they inspect the items they buy to ensure they are free of rat excrement or other dangerous rat remnants.  Indeed, many New Yorker’s have eaten fried rat at Chicken houses, or have had rat ground up into their beef patties at the local hamburger joint.  It appears that many NYC fast food establishments and restaurants do not take the time to inspect what they are serving, or properly secure their foodstuffs when they close shop each evening.  Rats have been seen at many New York deli’s, bakeries, and stores feasting on their produce after hours when no one is around.  These same foods (leftovers) are then made available to New Yorkers for purchase the next day.  Often, when New Yorker’s consume rat contaminated food, they expose themselves to a variety of diseases which can reek havoc on the human immune system, as well as degrade overall health and induce serious sickness.  In ten years time, each New Yorker eats approximately 48 lbs. of rat; in a variety of forms.  Is it any wonder that New Yorker’s look so sick and pallid all the time?  Not only that, but many New Yorkers are carriers of specific diseases which have been imported from third-world countries.  Like rats, they can spread germs, viruses, bacteria and contaminants to other people by merely touching them or walking near.  In crowded subways, elevators and streets these infectious people will undoubtedly create an epidemic of some sort in the near future, especially if ISIS purposely infects someone (or rats) and then ships them to NYC!  Such pandemics have occurred in various parts of the world in the past and NYC is poised for such a cataclysmic event.

COPFOX makes the following observations and recommendations:

  • New York City clean up its rat problem by eliminating the overpopulation of rats living on the streets, in buildings and underground in subways
  • New York City inspect all restaurants, stores, and eateries for their handling of stored foods and potential rat infestation
  • New York City inspect the sale of foods for rat contamination, especially feces and disease
  • New York City make public it’s finding on all inspections
  • NYC Ratizens start eating properly.



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