School Attacks Enabled By Cell Phones

Today’s schools are becoming some of the most unsafe places in America, thanks to cell phones and their potential to allow a terrorist attack.  Terrorists understand that a successful attack is based upon some rudimentary elements and capabilities.  First and foremost is the availability of suitable weapons, then there is the element of surprise, and finally a reliable means of communicating with each other before, during and after the attack.  Although training is often a critical element in a terrorist attack – it is not a prerequisite for success, since today’s weaponry and assault rifles require very little skill or practice to operate.

Lone Wolves

Past terrorist attacks in America were often from lone wolves, who can dispense with some of these requirements based upon their ability to show up unannounced with ample weaponry and no real interest in surviving the attack.  In effect, they are suicide terrorists.  However, to plan and organize a large scale attack like 9/11 or the Boston Marathon bombing terrorists need weapons and the ability to communicate with each other.

Most of today’s school shootings have been committed by lone wolves, whether they be a student or someone with an ax to grind against the school.  However, with the recent U.S. killings of several high-value targets in the Mideast, terrorist revenge is something to be concerned about.  Terrorists recognize that today’s schools are a prime target for a mass attack where hundreds of deaths and injuries can be inflicted in a short period.

Terrorists Solicit Student Cooperation

The problem terrorists would have is coordinating a successful entry into the school building since many have “lock-down” procedures in place which alert faculty and students of impending danger.  Also, school doors are kept locked and entry is monitored by school personnel and security.  The way around this barrier is for a terrorist to solicit the cooperation of a student with a cell phone, who would open secure doors from the inside to allow terrorist entry and then participate in the attack on the school population.

Many High School Students Mentally Disturbed

So many high school students today are anti-American and have no qualms about siding with terrorists.  They daily demonstrate their hatred of America by not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance each morning. Also, there is now an abundance of mentally disturbed students in the general school population who in years past would have been institutionalized.  They suffer from a variety of mental disorders and are prone to violence and disruptive behavior.  For these misfit and outcast students, working with avowed terrorists is a chance to be recognized, gain notoriety and lash out against what they believe is a restrictive system and oppressive society.

As for those students who are not mentally ill or terrorist sympathizers, they can easily be manipulated with promises of drugs, alcohol or money.  A very high percentage of today’s high school students are abusing drugs and alcohol, making them highly susceptible to terrorist recruitment, especially if money is added into the mix.  A smart terrorist would have very little trouble finding students willing to open a few doors for them to allow school entry.   Some terrorists are crafty enough to disguise their real intent for entering a school building; telling a student they want to meet someone or watch a performance/sports event being held at the school gym but are having “difficulties” getting in.  The unwitting student would eagerly comply with terrorist demands if given drugs, alcohol or money as an enticement for cooperation.  American students are as dumb as the come.

Terrorist School Assault Scenarios

An example of a school assault scenario would be for terrorists to recruit a high school student susceptible to their propaganda and bring him or her into their orbit of violence.  Since most high schools allow students to bring cell phones into class and use them anywhere in the building, the recruited student would then be instructed by terrorists to open a side door when there is an assembly of all students, or when the students are in the cafeteria eating lunch.  The student would then contact the terrorist via cell phone letting them know which door(s) has been opened or left ajar.  The terrorists could then gain easy access to the building and bring in an assortment of lethal weapons unopposed and undetected by security, police or faculty.  In extreme cases, the cooperating student would be provided an assault weapon and participate in the attack. This type of operation would happen in seconds and allow multiple terrorists access to crowded student areas, with no means for escape.  Within minutes a terrorist could kill hundreds of students, faculty, and staff.  Carnage would be inevitable.

Another quite likely scenario is the coordination between a terrorist and student where a terrorist has the student pull a “false” fire alarm, and the terrorist is waiting outside the building, ready to ambush the students as they exit.  Typically, during a fire alarm, the “entire” building is emptied of students and when they exit they stand clustered in designated areas which are a proscribed distance from the building. This is where students are most vulnerable since reentry into the building is not possible once the doors are closed, and escape routes are limited. All students know the “fire-alarm drill.” Coordination between a student and terrorist would consist of the student informing the terrorist via cell phone of the assembly areas and when (in real-time) they are about the set off the false alarm.  The student setting off the alarm would avoid being shot by exiting a door that is not being targeted by the terrorists or simply hiding in the building when all other students scramble out the doors to “safety.” Cover and concealment for the terrorists can be planned out in advance by scoping out the building and doors when school is not in session, so as not to set off any “warnings” to law enforcement.

Law Enforcement Ineffective

Terrorists are way ahead of law enforcement when it comes to the planning and implementation of their attacks.  Law enforcement typically doesn’t have a clue that a terrorist attack is imminent and when an attack does occur they are too hesitant in taking appropriate action.  A short delay of a few minutes can cost many lives.  Also, most Police Officers lack the skill set and courage necessary to confront terrorists and terminate any ongoing attack.  We have witnessed the cowardice of cops play out in several past terrorist attacks and the results have been devastating for targeted groups.  Proactive methods for preventing and thwarting terrorist attacks are much more effective than relying on law enforcement.

Cell Phones Contributing To Delinquency in High School Students

American schools themselves are also missing the mark in keeping kids safe.  Today’s school administrators demonstrate negligence in allowing students the ability to defeat security precautions by using cell phones to cooperate with potential assailants, intent on taking out young lives.  School administrators and teachers will claim that cell phone use by students enhances their academic achievement and understanding of subject matter.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Studies and on-site observations of high school student cell phone use indicate that 95% of their time is spent texting, listening to music, or playing games while in class, NOT doing anything remotely related to what is being taught.  Consequently, American high school students rank far behind other countries in academics,  based upon research by the Programme for International Student Assessment.

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a worldwide study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in member and non-member nations intended to evaluate educational systems by measuring 15-year-old school pupils’ scholastic performance on mathematics, science, and reading. It was first performed in 2000 and then repeated every three years. Its aim is to provide comparable data with a view to enabling countries to improve their education policies and outcomes. It measures problem solving and cognition. The 2015 version of the test was published on 6 December 2016. The results of the 2018 data collection will be released on Tuesday 3 December 2019.

On average, American high school students ranked 31st in the world in math, science, and reading, with countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, and Estonia topping the list with scores of 1 thru 5 respectively; according to the PISA Worldwide Ranking.

Ban Cell Phones In Schools

Cell phones should be banned for every student in every school across America. Not only are they contributing to the delinquency of American students and academic failure, but they also pose a clear and present danger to student safety, and are extremely effective in facilitating a terrorist attack on vulnerable schools. Unfortunately, given today’s tolerant school atmosphere; it is only a matter of time before a tragic attack, enabled by student-terrorist cell phone communications, becomes a reality.




25 thoughts on “School Attacks Enabled By Cell Phones

  1. American Women Treated Like Minorities

    Today’s American woman is basically a bitch. She is not content being a woman but wants to be a man as well. Years ago women in America were treated with dignity and respect. Doors were opened for them, men would tip their hat, and men would give up a seat on a train, bus or subway for a woman. However, now women are scorned and spit-upon. This a direct consequence of women classifying themselves as a “minority.” We all know how minorities are treated in America and most other countries, and why they are treated the way they are. Women now get the same treatment. You lie with the dogs you get up with fleas!

  2. School Choice

    Now I know why the schools and teachers don’t want school choice. They are quite content being paid exorbitant salaries even when they produce a high school “graduate” that can barely read or write. School Choice would allow parents to select the best quality schools for their kids and leave the failing public institutions behind. Nothing like competition to improve results. That’s what is missing in the US education system.

    School Choice

    1. American Schools Leave Students Bankrupt

      Thank you Byron, for your comments.
      School choice would definitely solve many of the problems in American Schools and improve their ranking in the PISA. However, most school administrators and teachers are not in tune with “best business practices.” Indeed, they lack any business skills and have never been in the real world. Consequently, they fail to make the necessary adjustments to their programs and methods, which would be expected in any competitive business. If American public schools were businesses, they would be bankrupt in 6 months. Instead, the only ones being left bankrupt are the students – they are bankrupt of any meaningful education.

  3. Parent Seeks Advice on School Shootings

    Can COPFOX give parents any more school shooting scenarios that are possible? The two in your post were excellent but parents need more information – since the schools and law enforcement withhold facts about school shooters that would be helpful. Thanks!

    1. School Shooter Scenarios

      Thank you B. Krenshaw, for your comment and question.
      We will be providing additional school shooter scenarios in our next post. You will also be receiving our latest school shooter bulletin which outlines ways in which parents can protect their kids from terrorists and school shooters.

  4. Saugus High School School Shooting

    Once again a high school student shot up their school killing two and wounding many others. These nut-ball kids are everywhere in today’s high schools, and many of them are addicted to video games and violent movies. Also, as in Sandy Hook, the shooter comes from an environment with a single mother. Warning signs were evident in the Saugus shooting, but parents and school personnel were blindsided. Law enforcement was neutered and ineffective, but they put on a good act after the shooting had ended; showing up with all types of equipment and personnel. Little good they did.

    Evidently, the shooter in this incident was packing a .45 caliber handgun and shot everyone outside the school building in a courtyard (quad). Then, he turned the weapons on himself, shooting himself in the head. This is a common theme in many video games, kill the enemy and then “sacrifice” oneself. Shooters of this type consider themselves martyrs and believe their actions were justifiable and righteous.

    School shootings will continue and get worse given the mental state of many of today’s teens and twenty-somethings. The parent(s) of these kids know there is something wrong with them but pretend their kid is “normal.” Better psychological testing of today’s high school students and stricter limitations on their video/gaming habits would certainly aid in averting some of these tragedies. Also, limiting their ability to enter schools with cell phones would minimize the possibility of a full-scale attack, which is a time bomb waiting to happen.

  5. Parent Seeks Private School

    COPFOX – You really hit the nail on the head with this article. Thanks so much.
    The first thing I plan on doing in September is putting my daughter in a private school.

  6. American Students Rank 31st In The World Academically

    What angers me most about American public schools is the audacity of the School Administrators to hand out various awards, accolades, and praise for schools that are ranked 31st academically in the world. I often see schools being classified as the “best” or “blue ribbon” when they are complete failures and have students that can barely read, write or solve a math problem.

    I think the purpose of this charade by the administrators and principals is to deceive the public into believing their children are getting a quality education when the PISA statistics clearly show otherwise. How can the students in Vietnam be more academically proficient than those in the US when Americans spend over 10 times the money on their school system? The longer the school principals can keep the public in the dark about school performance, the longer they can remain in power and garnish unjustified paychecks.


    1. Thank you, Arnold, for your comment and question.

      We totally agree with you regarding schools getting various awards and designations, supposedly signifying their great performance, when they are complete failures. It is laughable that a school receives a “blue ribbon” when their students can’t compete in the worldwide marketplace of ideas. But this is commonplace with most government agencies in the United States whether they be local, county, state, or federal. They are all about deceiving the public.

      Regarding your question on school funding; the money spent to fund schools in the United States is being wasted because administrators and teachers have turned the school environment into a social gathering place where students congregate to meet friends and exchange gossip. The average American student is actually dumber after a day in school than when they entered because they wasted a full day accomplishing nothing. Cell phones are a big part of this problem. Right now there is a steep decline in student “time on task” because they are too busy being distracted by a school environment designed to entertain them. The huge amounts of money spent funding American schools are in effect being wasted, whereas, in countries like Vietnam, their paltry funding is producing results because students are focused on learning; and don’t waste the better part of a school day on cell phones.

  7. Dear COPFOX

    Your advice to the schools to ban all cell phones is spot on. Yet, I suspect the schools will not take any action until an attack occurs; where cell phones are used by student(s) to allow terrorists into the building. If COPFOX advised the FBI of 9/11 a month ahead of time, you can be sure they would have thought it impossible for anyone to commandeer jetliners and take down the World Trade Center. Leave it to terrorists to think “outside the box” and use all types of non-traditional tactics, weapons, and implements like cell phones to achieve their goals.

    American law enforcement is too ignorant and arrogant for their own good. Terrorists manipulate these human weaknesses to their own advantage; attacking vulnerable targets at will, knowing that law enforcement is unwilling to take the steps necessary to harden soft targets.


  8. Crab Apple Falls Next To Tree

    When I see the parents dropping their kids off at my local public school I am disgusted. The parents are dirty, unwashed, dressed like bums, and are completely rude. Is it any wonder the kids are such disgusting turds?

    1. Teens Disrespectful and Illmannered

      Today’s teens have absolutely no manners or respect for others. I think this is the fault of the teachers who have never been in the real world where these things matter. The teachers set a bad example for the students and so do the parents who are a worthless lot.

  9. Schools Will Never Learn

    Let’s see if the information COPFOX provides to the schools is acted upon. Knowing the ineptitude of school administrators and teachers, I believe they will ignore the COPFOX cell phone advice and think they can outsmart the terrorists. It is a shame that we have such cowards in charge of the schools.

  10. Female Public School Teachers Set Bad Example

    I took my three children out of the public school system over five years ago when I learned how poorly the academic conditions were, especially with so many female teachers now in the public schools. When I used to drive my kids to the public school I would see these wretched women teachers dressed up like old French whores and caked with makeup, schlepping into the building looking miserable. I knew my kids deserved better, and quickly put them all in a Catholic school.

    Also, I learned that most of the female public school teachers are killing their babies through abortion, and I wanted a better example for my daughters, who plan on marrying and having children. How can anyone allow a murdering teacher near their children?

    Old French Whore

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth for your comment and question.

      As you probably know today’s public schools are run by liberals, who have no concern for the unborn child. They and most parents are more content listening to the corrupt old men and women on the Supreme Court that “authorized” them to kill their babies via Roe v. Wade. You have chosen wisely in removing your young children from the vile influences of today’s female teachers who support abortion and encourage others to kill their babies. Eighty percent of today’s female teachers have had one or more abortions, and they are psychologically scarred for life. The fact that they can kill their own child and a few days later put on lipstick, high-heels, and makeup; and prance around smiling in a classroom filled with children is the work of the devil.

      The Catholic Church clearly states in its Catechism:

      2272 – Formal cooperation in an abortion constitutes a grave offense. The Church attaches the canonical penalty of excommunication to this crime against human life. A person who procures a completed abortion incurs excommunication “latae sententiate” (by the very commission of the offense).

      2273 – Since it must be treated from conception as a person, the embryo must be defended in its integrity, cared for, and healed, as far as possible, like any other human being.

      What this means is anyone having an abortion, or assisting someone else in having an abortion is “automatically” excommunicated (separated) from the Catholic Church. There is no need for any type of tribunal or decree – it is automatic and based upon the abortion event and effective at the time of its occurrence. Therefore, all those who have had an abortion are immediately prohibited from receiving Communion or any other sacraments. This is the reason former Vice President Joe Biden was recently refused Communion at Mass. He like many other Congressmen and Senators support abortion bills and aggressively seek to fund abortion clinics and provide abortion services to any woman wanting to kill their baby. Their support of abortion means they are automatically excommunicated from the Catholic Church.


  11. Private School Safety Much Better Than Public

    Thank you COPFOX for an excellent article detailing the real possibility that a terrorist attack could result from kids with cell phones. You point out the process and the rationale for banning all cell phones from American schools, but like most government organizations, the schools are reluctant to take sound advice until it is too late. They are dinosaurs, led by administrators who are fearful of making decisions.

    My son and daughter both go to a private high school where security is a priority, and they must leave their cell phones at home, or they won’t be admitted into the building. This just shows how far behind the public schools are by allowing young, ignorant students access to cell phones both in the class and the school building. I feel so much better knowing my children are not being exposed to a potentially violent terrorist episode facilitated by cell phones in public schools!

    AK47 And Cell Phone

  12. Illegitimate Students A Real Problem In US

    I think a lot of the problems in the schools today are directly attributable to the parent(s) and their lifestyles, both presently and in the past. Right now more and more students are being raised by grandparents, and there is a glut of illegitimate kids in American schools today. 75% of all black students are illegitimate; they have no known father. That means they are bastards and bitches. This is a result of the black mother fornicating with multiple men who won’t take any responsibility for their “by-product.” Eventually, the black mother shits out a kid and then runs off to Uncle Sugar (aka Uncle Sam) to collect welfare benefits, food stamps, and public housing support for herself and the illegitimate child.

    This process is repeated over and over across America, with some women having multiple illegitimate kids, with no known father to support them. The American people should not have to support, feed, clothe, house, and educate these people who are a total waste of time and money.

  13. Vietnam, Poland, and Russian Students Smarter Than US

    I completely agree with the idea of banning all cell phones from American schools. It is dangerous to allow such ignorant students to have such a means of terrorist communication. Also, how can the schools keep the PISA data hidden from parents for all these years? Obviously, it is an embarrassment to say the least, that American students rank 31st in the world in reading, math, and science; but to see the school reports issued each year by the American School Superintendents you would think everything is rosy.

    The last thing the schools want the public to know is how stupid their students really are. It speaks volumes about the caliber and effectiveness of the teachers when countries like Vietnam, Poland, and Russia have smarter students than the U.S.

    1. Thank you, Harry, for your comment.

      You are correct in your assessment of the American teacher as being ineffective. Most of them are lazy, dirty, and worn out. They could care less about how well your child does in school, but traipse their dirty asses into the building each day looking for a paycheck, which should be cut in half based upon their performance.

      One step that should be taken all across America is the elimination of tenure for public school teachers. It is almost impossible to get rid of them no matter how terrible they are. Consequently, we see US students falling further and further behind other nations in academic achievement. Eventually, US students will be at the bottom of the heap in world academic rankings, considering their current trajectory. Yet, teachers have no qualms about currently being ranked #31. It makes you wonder where the leadership is in these schools?

  14. “Split-Tail” Teachers Ruining Schools

    The more “split-tail” teachers we see in America’s school, the worse things become. I am not surprised that US schools are ranked 31st in the world considering how many split-tails are teaching our children. Some US schools are comprised of almost 95% female teachers. What a scam! These lactating bitches should be home breast feeding their children, not running their mouths in the schools.

  15. US Public Schools Dumping Grounds For 3rd World Nations

    I believe that one of the reasons the United States is ranked #31 in worldwide high school performance is the fact that so many kids are being dumped into the public schools from third world nations. As the number of these students increase, the ability of teachers to address all of their “concerns” become overwhelming. Many of these foreign students have no parents, or come from single mothers (like the black population in America). The teachers then become surrogate parents.

    Most female teacher in the U.S. are not capable of raising their own kids, let alone those from Costa Rica, El Salvador, or Mexico. Also, most female US teachers have aborted one or more of their own children, making them murderers. How can they be expected to teach children with that on their record. They are psychologically scarred for life.

    America’s schools have become the refuse pile for foreign nations – where their children are systematically thrown away as garbage. Now, American schools are ranked #31 in the world – thanks to the liberal female bitches all across this country.


  16. Parent Wants To Sue For Negligence

    Dear COPFOX,
    I am a parent of a 14 year old daughter in high school and am very concerned about her safety. The teachers and administrators don’t seem to know what they are doing. Safety in the public school she attends does not seem to be a priority with them, and the ability of the teachers to effectively educate is abysmal. I am considering moving her to a private school nest year, but if she if injured in a school attack, can I sue the school board and administrators for negligence?

    1. Thank you Constance for your comment and question.

      Your concern over today’s school administration and teachers is well founded. However, COPFOX cannot offer legal advice. We recommend that if a terrorist attack happens at the school and your daughter is injured, then you should contact an Attorney who will recommend the best course of action. We can advise you to seek a better school if you believe your child is not being properly educated, as demonstrated by current studies by PISA. Also, this may alleviate your concerns over school safety since private schools have much better security protocols than public.

  17. Horrible American School Performance

    I am amazed at the scholastic ranking of American high school students when they are compared with students from other countries. 31st in the world is horrible. It just shows how far the school administrators go in duping the public about their performance, and just how dumb American students really are.

    Let’s start putting a Dunce hat on the American students.


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