COPFOX believes the next most likely target for ISIS is Sports Stadiums.  Right now ISIS and Drug Cartels are using Drones to transport weapons and contraband into the United States across the southern border, and they have been deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria for years; both in a surveillance and weaponized capacity.  ISIS typically targets large crowds of unsuspecting people who are engaged in some type of common activity such as traveling, entertainment, or sightseeing.   Whenever you compress tens of thousands of Americans into a confined space such as a Sports Stadium there are those who recognize the potential opportunity for targeting them using an aerial assault.  Presently a fully functional Drone can be purchased for less than $300. and this very same Drone can be outfitted with a number of weapons; including machine guns, IED’s, Chemical compounds and missiles.

     Millions of Americans attend football, baseball, and soccer games in open air sports stadiums which provide easy Drone access once the Stadium is filled to capacity and the game is being televised.  A terrorist can set up a Drone station nearby in a small rented apartment and launch the Drone from a window or rooftop. Similarly, Drones can also be launched from the back of a rented truck traveling near the Sports Stadium or a vehicle parked in an adjacent lot or wooded area.  Multiple terrorists can coordinate their strike by launching from different locations at the same time or the attack can be staged so that it involves Drones attacking in sequence against a variety of Stadium targets (bleachers, exits, playing field). Within minutes of launch, these Drones have entered the Stadium airspace and dropped their payload of poisonous gas or begin spraying the crowd with munitions.  Panic ensues once the fans begin to realize what’s happening and they begin to trample each other in an attempt to exit the stands in order to escape a Drone armed with a submachine gun and grenades.  As the carnage ensues and the bodies pile up, the chances of safely escaping the attack are diminished considerably.  As we have witnessed in other terrorist attacks, most Americans are overweight and out of shape and cannot endure long periods of physical activity or stressful encounters; consequently many will suffer heart attacks and stroke.

     Today’s football/baseball fan is typically a fat middle-aged balding man accompanied by a number of children with a frumpy wife.  None of these people are capable of understanding how to react once an attack takes place.  Carnage ensues (think Las Vegas Concert) with thousands of fans being doused with noxious chemicals and sprayed with small arms fire.  Many die by being trampled, and countless others are killed instantaneously by chemical poisoning.  Making matters worse, the terrorists have sent not just one – but five or more drones into the arena – each carrying a lethal payload of munitions, explosives and gas.

     The average American has no military experience and is used to the fat easy life (eating, drinking and pleasuring themselves).  Very few have the ability to react quickly and decisively to such an attack.  Undoubtedly, the football players themselves would quickly exit the field and take cover in the locker rooms (cowering in fear) where their safety is assured; leaving those in the stands at the mercy of the hovering Drones – which can remain airborne for up to 1 hour.  Todays Drone, like the one shown below, is available online and can be outfitted with all types of weapons and can be programmed or remotely controlled from a distance; making their detection before the strike almost impossible.  Especially if the Operator upgrades it’s systems to include encrypted indecipherable navigational codes. Note that this Drone is used to legally deliver packages to customers but can easily be modified to drop chemical/biological agents onto large crowds if a Terrorist were so inclined.   Today’s sports fans are sitting ducks for this type of assault and are oblivious to the dangers that await them at the Sports Stadiums.  The US Government is negligent in its education of the public in this regard. What we have not seen from the Sports venues or the US Government is any warning to the public regarding the hazards of attending such Stadiums.  Evidently, such a Threat Alert would result in many people cancelling their season tickets or refusing to patronize their “favorite” teams.  A safer alternative to visiting these Sports Stadiums and becoming a Drone target would be to watch the event on television from the safety of one’s home.


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