For many years tennis was considered the sport of people with class, elegance, and sophistication.  However, there is a new paradigm emerging in this sport – the appearance of a vulgar, combative and disgusting element in the form of the black-female – who believes they can act in any manner, dress inappropriately and critique both judges and other players.  Consequently, they have dragged tennis into the ghetto with displays of arrogance, insolence, and verbal threats.  These same minority tennis players have no problem appearing in commercials that threaten others with physical violence, all the while displaying debaucherous gyrations, gestures, and comments not suitable for family TV.

     Many people are now questioning the genetic makeup of these black females, who act and appear more like men.  They are squat, overweight and muscular; making most tennis observers wonder if they are on steroids or pumping iron.  There is absolutely nothing ladylike or demure about their appearance or conduct and they have the somatotype of a gorilla.  Their appearance on the tennis court can be quite frightening, especially for children who are naturally afraid of gorillas and wild animals, so it is not surprising to see the tennis gallery devoid of young adults and kids.  However, what is present in today’s tennis audience is an assortment of bellicose, ugly middle age women who scream at the tennis judges for making accurate calls.  Yes, professional tennis is changing – and for the worse; especially considering the kinds of people that are allowed to compete in the sport and appear in the gallery.

     COPFOX recommends that tennis organizations, clubs and societies carefully screen female tennis players in the future, in order to weed out those with questionable genetic and hormonal characteristics.  Such phylogenetic testing would restore tennis to its traditional role as a cultured sport of aristocracy.   Today, it certainly appears that some black-female tennis players resemble animals – demonstrating African aboriginal and atavistic tendencies more appropriate for a zoo than a tennis court.  If constructive changes are not made then professional tennis will degenerate into an activity littered with the worst segments of society and eventually lose its audience of respectable viewers.  It is already well on its way to self-destruction!



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