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Police Sgt. Conte met a “15-year-old” girl on the Internet and told her he wanted to “get naked.”  After a while, he set up a meeting at her home when she was alone.  The 15-year-old was actually an undercover detective.

Sgt. Conte is also the Commander of the Monmouth County NJ SWAT Team.  One can only wonder what tactics and techniques are being taught and practiced by SWAT Team personnel, and how they would employ these same maneuvers on a 15-year-old girl they met clandestinely on the internet.  Also, there are similar questions regarding the “special weapons” that would be utilized in the rape of a young girl (or boy) by these SWAT Team members.

The issues surrounding Police Officers and their perverted activities are plentiful and most communities must deal with the fact that many Police Officers are out to sexually molest children.  To combat the likelihood that your child may be sexually molested or sodomized by a Police Officer; there are a number of preventative actions that can be taken  by parents and caregivers:

  1. Talk to your children about the possibilities of Cop Rape, and show them recent articles and arrests of Police Officers convicted of child molestation
  2. Monitor your child’s access to internet chat sites, which are commonly used by Police Officers to “talk up” adolescents and set up secretive meetings; these typically take place when the parents are away on business or vacation and leave the child alone
  3. Know the whereabouts of your children at all times, especially when they are out at night or visiting someone; children are often stopped by cops on the street late at night and propositioned
  4. Do not let your kids attend special summer camps, outings, or informal meetings with Police Officers unless you are present; these conditions are designed to isolate the child and exploit their weaknesses
  5. Instruct your child to immediately report any contact with a Police Officer, whether verbal or physical; cops will often engage in “friendly chatter” with a child in order to gain personal information such as the child’s age, likes and dislikes, home address, etc., – this information will be used at a later time to sexually exploit the child
  6. Use your child’s privacy settings and location tracking device on their cell phones to their full advantage by restricting calls to unknown parties, and tracking their whereabouts
  7. Report all incidents of Cop Rape immediately to Child Protective Services, not the Police Department where the cop works; they will often cover up for the cop or incite fellow Police Officers to further rape/sodomize the victim
  8. Be aware that Chiefs of Police are often engaged in child molestation; just because the Police Officer has “rank” does not mean their activities are above board.

Please visit our sister site: Cop Mug Shots for further information on reporting Police sexual assaults against children.

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  1. US Dept. of Justice Notoriously Corrupt

    Given the history of corruption within the Dept. of Justice does COPFOX believe the American People will get the full and accurate story on Jeffrey Epstein?

    1. Epstein and A Plea Agreement

      At present, there are grave concerns over the ability of the US Justice Department to adequately handle the Epstein Case. Somewhere along the line of investigation, we can expect to see high-level politicians attempt to intercede and have Epstein enter a plea agreement in order to keep the case and its particulars out of court and away from public scrutiny. Epstein’s prior conviction in Miami was sealed by a Judge and none of the complainants were even advised there was a plea agreement. Clearly, the US Justice Department and its minions worked methodically to get Epstein off with a minimal charge (Soliciting A Prostitute). The present case against Epstein is being handled by the Public Corruption Unit at SDNY which would lead most observers to believe that a number of public officials have been identified as co-conspirators in the Epstein scandal.

      Elie Honig, a CNN legal analyst put it this way:

      “We do not yet know who else might be implicated, but we have an important clue: the Southern District is staffing the case primarily with prosecutors from its Public Corruption Unit. US Attorney Geoffrey Berman urged the public “not to read into the unit assignment anything one way or another.” But that is nonsense. You absolutely should read into this staffing assignment. As a Southern District alum, I know that it is both unusual and significant that the Public Corruption Unit is running this case. Normally, a sex trafficking case would be prosecuted only by the Human Trafficking Coordinators, who are part of the Violent and Organized Crime Unit that I once supervised. Public Corruption is involved here for a reason: there must be at least one public official, past or present, involved in the case in some way.”

      COPFOX believes there may be another reason this matter is being handled by the Public Corruptions Unit and not the Human Trafficking Coordinators. The PCU staff is closely linked to prior and existing politicians and government officials. One SDNY attorney is the daughter of disgraced FBI Director James Comey. These people are keenly aware of the sensitive nature of the political class in America and are more than willing to “bend the rules” if directed to do so. Many of these attorneys working in the Justice Dept. aspire to become Federal Judges/Justices; they know how important it is to toe the line and keep the politicians happy. Alexander Acosta clearly stated that he was told what to do in the previous Epstein case where there were 36 girls and over 50 pages in the indictment. It all went up in smoke once someone from Washington DC got involved.

      Let’s see how this matter plays out. COPFOX is putting its money on a coverup.

      Fired FBI Director James Comey


        1. US Attorney Geoffrey Berman Works for the American Politician

          Thank You, Joe, for your comment and question.
          The short answer to your question is NO. US Attorney Geoffrey Berman’s news release was “eye candy” for the public, where he is now attempting to control the narrative. The US Dept. of Justice and the FBI dropped the ball in Miami and now they want to portray themselves as protectors of young girls. Nothing could be further from the truth. They let Epstein go in 2009, and he continued with his perverse activities. The only reason this matter has come to light is the investigative reporting of the Miami Herald and the continuous pursuit of justice by the victims. The US Dept. of Justice and the FBI had all but abandoned this matter to the trash heap believing they had killed two birds with one stone:

          1. They got Jeffrey Epstein off the charges
          2. They appeased their Washington handlers.

          The key to solving the Epstein riddle is former Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta, the US Attorney from Miami who allowed and supported the Epstein plea agreement. The public needs to know who directed his activities and approved the plea agreement. Alexander Acosta was richly rewarded for his compliance with his political handlers by being appointed Secretary of Labor in the Trump administration. COPFOX believes that US Attorney Geoffrey Berman is of similar ilk. He works for the American Politician, not the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

          Geoffrey Berman


  2. Many Americans are concerned about how Jeffrey Epstein was allowed to walk away from such serious criminal charges in Miami with just a slap on the wrist. It seems the police, FBI, and Dept. of Justice were all conspiring together to let this creep simply walk away and continue raping young children. How does Alexander Acosta fit into this puzzle?

    Jeffrey Epstein



      Thank you, Irene, for your comment.
      It is not uncommon in America for those with wealth or connections to get a pass when they face criminal charges. Obviously, those in Miami who were handling the Epstein case (including Alexander Acosta), knew exactly what they were doing when they let Mr. Epstein off the hook. Many phone calls were made and meeting assembled to “hash out” a workable solution to the Epstein dilemma. He evidently chauffeured around many notables in politics, arts, entertainment, and legal circles. They carry a lot of weight and it seems they put pressure on Alexander Acosta to go light on Epstein, who most likely kept a “black book” regarding his associations and travels. It also appears that there are videotapes that were made in various locations showing Epstein and others getting massages and engaging in sex acts with these underage girls.

      Now that Epstein has been charged again in the Southern District of NY, it is questionable as to whether or not the same outcome will occur; considering the number of high profile people who were “clients” of Epstein. It has also been speculated that Epstein was a foreign agent working to get dirt on various individuals so they could eventually be blackmailed should the occasion arise. Right now it is highly doubtful the full story on Epstein and his minions will ever come out. The Dept. of Justice is just too embedded and connected with corrupt individuals – who they need to protect at any cost.

      COPFOX will be posting an article on Epstein and the DOJ within two weeks.

      Alexander Acosta



        A number of men associated with Jeffrey Epstein have stated that they did not have “sex” with underage girls on lolita island or other places but merely received a massage. One person even claimed that he could not have had sex because he kept his underwear on at all times. Rape of an underage girl can take place in any number of ways.

        The definition of rape is the:

        “unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim.” Also, State definitions of rape go even further to include the touching of various body areas of the victim. Significantly, those girls who went to Epstein’s NY mansion were underage and not legally capable of giving “consent” to any type of sexual activity.

        Given that most of the participants in Jeffrey Epstein’s “lolita express” were elderly men who may not have had the capacity or ability for traditional sex; as an alternative, they may have raped these underage girls by other means, many of which do not require the male to undress or utilize their penis. The American People have already witnessed the machinations of President Bill Clinton who claimed: “I did not have sex with that woman – Ms. Lewinsky.” A statement that was obviously false and misleading. Those interviewing Bill Clinton were thrown off base because they were reluctant to push the issue further and question him as to engaging in other types of sex acts.

        Let’s hope the investigators from the Southern District of New York’s US Justice Department are not so naive or cowardly that they purposely neglect to include a variety of “sex acts” in their questioning of the participants involved with Epstein’s traveling underage brothel – the lolita express. We know that Bill Clinton was a good friend of Jeffrey Epstein and took many trips (26) on Epstein’s private jet and visited “lolita island” on multiple occasions. Secret Service agents who are assigned to protect the ex-president may be able to give details about what occurred on these voyages and explain their whereabouts when Bill was with these underage girls.

        We have already seen attempts by the Justice Department to limit the extent and parameters of their investigation by only charging Jeffrey Epstein with the transport of underage girls for illegal purposes and conspiracy. No mention is made of the men (Johns) who eagerly participated in raping these underage girls. The Justice Department obviously recognizes the can of worms they would open if they pursued a complete and thorough investigation into this matter. They would undoubtedly find Judges, Politicians, Attorneys, Federal Agents, and a host of other men who took part in raping these young girls over an extended period of time.

        XXX-President William Jefferson Clinton



    Hi COPFOX,

    I know that Police Officers are being closely monitored today by citizens, probably due to the fact that so many cops are liars. Most people are video recording the cops actions when they see a traffic stop or arrest, and that’s a great idea because the Police Officers “version” of events rarely squares with what actually happens. It seems cops have no problem substituting fiction for reality and fabricating evidence when the need arises, either by giving false testimony or submitting fictitious police reports. Exculpatory evidence is conveniently disposed of when it contradicts the Police version of events. It’s all about screwing over the public in Court where very little is done to protect the rights of citizens.

    I totally support COPFOX’s efforts to “DNA” all Law Enforcement and maintain the data in a permanent Registry. This type of investigative tool will supplement existing methods of monitoring cops and assure their activities are lawful. A Police Officer DNA Registry will also clear up many cold cases, where cops have raped a young girl or boy; or murdered someone and the matter was disposed of discretely to protect the perpetrating Police Officers. There are just so many serial rapists working as Police Officers that citizens are very cautious about coming in contact with the Police.

    Good Luck in your efforts getting Congress to enact legislation in this matter.
    The American People support your organization.


  4. Police Officer DNA Registry Needed

    COPFOX is presently seeking to have all law enforcement personnel in the United States submit a DNA sample for use in a national Police Officer DNA Registry (PODNAR). This database would be utilized for comparison purposes after a person or child is raped and the suspect is a Police Officer. Often, Police Departments across the country will assign a Detective or Investigator who committed a crime to investigate their own actions. Needless to say, the cop will focus and direct their investigation away from themselves and onto some other “likely” suspect. They will also fabricate and destroy evidence with the intent of convicting someone who had nothing to do with the crime. Prosecutors and Judges are in on this ruse, knowing that they themselves are often protected by police misconduct.

    Many rapists and serial killers are now employed in Police Departments across America because cops fail to look at their own when conducting criminal investigations. This is true even when the last known contact with the victim is a Police Officer. It is estimated that the NYPD has over 500 rapists and sex offenders now working in their ranks. California had a cop known as the Golden State Killer (Joseph James DeAngelo) who committed over 13 murders and 50 rapes before he was arrested 23 years later using DNA evidence. Unfortunately, the DNA method (GED Match) used to catch Officer DeAngelo is no longer available because it was a commercial company keeping the records, and they now refuse to cooperate with law enforcement due to privacy concerns. The need for a national Registry containing Police Officer DNA is becoming more and more evident as sex crimes perpetrated by law enforcement increase year after year.

      Police Officer Joseph DeAngelo – Golden State Killer


    COPFOX is encouraging Congress to pass a law requiring that all law enforcement personnel (federal, state, county, and local) submit their DNA for storage in a national DNA database. Numerous Senators and Congressmen have expressed support. The Police Officer DNA Act would facilitate the immediate and mandatory comparison of crime scene DNA with law enforcement personnel – to ensure that cops are not the perpetrators of the crimes they are investigating; and if they are, then quickly arrested, charged and prosecuted. Failure of any cop to submit a DNA sample for the database would result in immediate termination.

    Needless to say, we are meeting stiff resistance from a variety of police sources, especially Police Chiefs who are notoriously involved in criminal conduct (murder, rape, child molestation, theft, drug distributions, etc.). These Chiefs recognize that a Police Officer DNA Registry would expose many of them and their fellow officers to criminal charges for crimes they swept under the carpet in years past. Also, they fear such a DNA database would quickly point the finger at them in cold cases or ongoing criminal investigations.

    We will keep COPFOX members appraised of any breaking news.

      Police Officer Sperm Found at Crime Scene Rape of Boy


    1. Todays Cops – Fat, Lazy, Disgusting

      These cops are just so disgusting. Fat, lazy, smelly and ignorant. I am certainly glad that COPFOX is trying to get the Police Officer DNA Registry up and running. The public needs something like this to protect themselves. Our children are at risk every time they come in contact with these crumb-bums. I am convinced that an investigative tool like the PODNA Registry will quickly solve many “cold-cases” that Police Departments across the country have disposed of in order to protect someone in their own ranks.

  5. Cops Being Caught On “To Catch A Predator”

    I’ve watched a TV show called “To Catch A Predator” and have seen many, many cops being arrested for attempting to meet a young 12, 13, or 14-year-old girl when she is home alone. Some of these cops have driven for hours to meet their prey, and all of them spent considerable time on the internet “grooming” the girl prior to their meeting. Parents must be much more diligent about who their kids chat with on the internet.

    These cops show up and look like the cat that ate the canary once they are called out on their criminal conduct. All of them deny any wrongdoing and claim they are there to “just talk” to the 13-year-old girl, or they say they are there to “mentor” the youth. Based upoon their internet chat-logs this mentoring includes oral/anal sex as well as intercourse with a young 13/14-year-old child.

    If Police Officers can lie so easily when caught with their pants down, think of what they can do in a courtroom when testifying against a defendant. It is unbelievable how corrupt the American legal system is; and how the lawyers condone and participate in such activities knowing that they too are involved in the same type of lascivious conduct.


    1. Police Officers Also Solicit Young Boys

      Many cops are now seeking out young boys as well as girls. I think that is the reason they invite these kids to play baseball with them or they become part-time summer camp counselors, where they sleep over and have an abundant supply of young boys nearby. These cops also know that a young 10-year-old boy can’t get pregnant, so the Police Officer can engage in the sex act without using condoms. Such disgraceful and unlawful conduct on the part of Police Officers has now become far too prevalent across the nation.

  6. Cops and Underage Kids

    I’ve noticed that many cops in the small town where I live in New Jersey seem to be taking an inordinate interest in my young daughter who is only 13 years old. She has been diagnosed with precocious puberty. My daughter is well developed for her age and the cops are constantly talking to her, using one excuse or another. I believe they may be trying to take advantage of her in one way or another, although nothing has happened thus far. These cops must realize that she is underage and does not want anyone bothering her. I fear for her safety after reading all of the stories about Police Officers getting “too close” to children. It is no telling what they are capable of with an unsuspecting child.

    What can I do to protect her and keep these police officers away?

    1. Parents Shold Role-Play to Protect Their Children

      Thank you, Anonymous, for your question.

      Cop/Kid rape and sodomy are at epidemic proportions today. Fortunately, you are aware that cops are “circling around” your child, which raises all types of red flags. Although nothing untoward has happened thus far according to your report, it is always better to be cautious, especially when dealing with cops. Police and Prosecutors are constantly trying to game the system and trick people into letting their guard down. In your case, you should realize that your daughter may be in peril. Should a cop isolate her away from school or home, she could potentially be raped or sodomized, as has happened with so many underage minors.!

      The best defense for any Parent against Cop/Kid rape is a well-educated child. You should speak to her about what could happen if she is alone with a cop or any other untrustworthy adult. Also, you can role-play different scenarios with her so she recognizes the potential approaches a cop may use to possibly seduce her. It is best when role-playing to have her father or another male figure dress up to look like a cop (e.g. police hat, shirt & badge), and use typical “cop language” to identify themselves and the purported “purpose” for speaking to her.

      She will quickly be on alert when any cop attempts to use deceptive tactics in order to potentially abduct or rape her. These “sessions” with her should be repeated at least twice a month to reinforce what she has learned. Remember to have the male figure dress up like a cop in order to accurately depict in her mind what he may look like and the terminology he may use, such as:

      I am a Police Officer and would like to question you.
      Do you need a ride home?
      Are you lost?
      Come with me.
      Something happened to your mother.

      While there may be a legitimate reason for the cop to speak to her; she should always make immediate contact with you or another responsible adult in order to corroborate what the Police Officer is saying. Better safe than sorry.


      1. NACKLA – North American Cop Kid Love Association

        Parents should be aware of an organization across America made up of Cops who sexually assault kids, known as NACKLA (North American Cop Kid Love Association). This secretive society promotes sex between cops and kids, or “Cop/Kid Love.”

        NACLA is very similar to NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association), which is notorious for promoting “Man/Boy Love.”

        Police Officers who join NACKLA (pronounced NACK-LA), are predisposed to having sex with children and underage minors, by whatever means necessary. This often includes using the internet or their badge to locate, deceive and isolate the child – in order to rape, sodomize, or perform oral sex on them.

  7. Men in NYC are Creepy

    I often bring my young daughter to the park in New York City, she is 12 years old. The cops there make us feel very uncomfortable, they spend all there time leering at us. I know this is typical NY conduct, where the men are so damn ugly and dirty; and think they meet and pick up girls and women. Someone should advise these “creeps” that their attention is unwanted, and no woman in their right might wants to be within 50 yards of them. I also believe it to be totally inappropriate for the cops to be staring at underage kids, who knows what’s going through their filthy minds?

    1. NYC Men Disgusting

      I’ve had the same problem in New York City. Everywhere you go there are these filthy scumbag men of all ages who apparently have no idea just how disgusting they really are. Unwashed, filthy, smelly and greasy, with fat bellies and beards, mustaches and goatees, talk about creepy. Many are balding or wear wigs.

      I think the media has a lot to do with this because TV, Movies, and Videos seem to gravitate toward linking the ugliest, most heinous men with beautiful women. Evidently, those creaton movie producers and media moguls are the same idiots molesting, harassing and intimidating women and girls who apply for jobs or work in their studios (stables). Many of these dirty old men have been exposed recently for the perverts they really are.

      As a 24-year-old model with blue eyes and blond hair, these pigs need to be avoided at all cost. The best thing to do in NYC (or any city for that matter) is to spit in the eye of these disgusting men and turn your back on them. They need to find women of their own age and appearance (old, fat, and ugly).

      1. Warning to Women in NYC

        Thank you, Felicity, for your comment and observations.

        COPFOX believes that you have accurately portrayed the dilemma for many young, beautiful women trying to live or make a career for themselves in NYC. Probably, 99% of the men in NYC are low-lifes (this includes the cops) who have no reservations about approaching women or young girls and intimidating them. Their ultimate objective is to isolate the woman or girl and rape or sodomize them. Many NYC men are serial rapists and can cause great harm to any unsuspecting women who stops and talks to them. Be cautious at all times, and never jog in Central Park or any isolated area! Also, be extremely cautious of Police Officers who offer “rides” or assistance. Their ulterior motives are sinister.

  8. Police Officers and Mental Retardation

    I have read that many cops are mentally ill and act out their issues and aggression (sexual and otherwise) on young children. Could this be the reason that so many young kids are being raped and sodomized by cops today? How can we stop this from happening?

    1. Parental Warning by Justice Department

      Thank you, Blaire, for your comment and question.

      Unfortunately, today’s police departments are scraping the bottom of the barrel and are hiring those individuals who have mental and sexual issues. Recently, a federally sponsored psychological assessment of Police Officers in a mid-western department indicated a high number of Officers with DSM-V classified psychological problems, as well as a very low IQ level in the majority of those tested, including the Chief of Police. Most of these Officers refused any type of counseling or treatment when offered, and were in a state of denial.

      Those results prompted a Justice Department recommendation that advises the public (especially Parents) to be very cautious of any type of Police contact or interactions, especially those involving children. Parents all across the nation should realize that many of today’s cops are mentally and morally deficient and will rape or sodomize a child or underage minor if given the opportunity.

  9. Police Departments Led By Corrupt Chiefs

    I believe that every Police Department across the United States has a fair share of criminals working there. Whether it’s thieves, murderers, rapists, or just common con artists; Police Departments seems to be the dumping grounds of societies refuse. In the town where I live, the cops are always getting into trouble and the Police Chief is nothing more than a gangster, with ties to all the corrupt politicians.

  10. Mother’s Advice About Cops

    I am the mother of three young children, two girls, and one boy. My concern regarding Police Officers is their willingness to commit serious crimes against children and use their ability to track and monitor kids whereabouts in order to sexually molest them. I speak to my kids on a regular basis advising them to avoid the cops and never be alone with them under any circumstance.

    1. Report Cop Child Rape to NCMEC

      I strongly urge anyone that suspects a Police Officer is molesting their child, or observes a cop acting in an untoward manner with a child – contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

      DO NOT contact the Police Department where the cop works. In most instances, they will cover up for the cop and often times use your information to commit further sexual assaults against the victim by other members of the Police Department.

      1. Cop/Kid Gang Rapes Increasing

        Thank You, Gertrude, for your sound advice.
        It is true that many children have been “gang-raped” by multiple cops, who work at the same Police Department. Unfortunately, instead of protecting these innocent kids, the cops target those who they know are vulnerable; and pass on information regarding the child to other Police Officers, who further victimize the youth.


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