BlackFistSalute     Recently 16 black women cadets at the West Point Military Academy dishonored military veterans and active duty personnel by displaying a black fist salute while in uniform and at a U.S. military institution.  The black fist salute has historically been used by militant and subversive black groups for many years as an expression of hatred for American values and institutions.  Indeed, it’s use by the 16 female cadets at West Point is universally viewed by veterans and active duty military as an expression of defiance and militancy, against those beliefs that established America.  It also represents a signal by the 16 black female cadets that they are willing to act against the interests of the military and support subversive groups in the future.  These 16 “terrorists” believed that their photo would not become public but remain their own clandestine secret.  However, once their actions were exposed, they and a cadre of others began to rationalize their acts, by claiming they were showing their power and pride.  Could it be that this “power and pride” will someday be used on the battlefield to subvert a U.S. Military operation or aid and assist the enemy in combat.  The true feelings of these 16 women are expressed in the photo, and they need no explanation as to their hatred of America and it’s beliefs.  This display of the black fist was a coordinated and planned attack on the Military by these 16 black female cadets, and represents a harbinger of things to come if they are commissioned as Officers in the Army.

     GeneralMcArthurCOPFOX has received countless comments on these 16 traitors, mostly from vets and active duty military.  All of these writers express their concerns about these 16 becoming military leaders, and suggest that they not be sworn in as commissioned Officers.  COPFOX Administrators are also military vets and wholeheartedly agree that these 16 should not become Army Officers.  These 16 black women cadets are Officers in training, and have not yet been commissioned; and already they are expressing their allegiance to enemies of the United States.  One can only wonder how easily they will be persuaded by groups such as ISIS or Al-Qaeda to sellout the U.S. Military?    Entrusting them with the lives of soldiers in their command would be foolhardy considering how they have betrayed the high standards of West Point.  More importantly, they have lost the trust of the American People, which is essential in any governmental leadership position.

     GeneralPattonIn spite of our warnings, West Point recently announced that the 16 black female traitors will not be reprimanded for their display of the black salute. Most Military Veterans believe that West Point Commanders received “orders” from Barack Hussein Obama (the first black President) to ignore this situation and classify it as a “black pride” expression .  He has never spent one day on active duty military service, and is motivated by racial allegiances to absolve such traitorous acts.  He is the type of American who would escape to Canada to avoid the draft.  His ignorance of military history and regulations is beyond the pale.  He is placing ground troops at risk, and aiding and abetting foreign terrorist organizations by seeding the U.S. Army with potential ISIS recruits.  Unfortunately, these 16 black female Officers will be in charge of troops in combat, who will question their judgement and character when recalling how callously and defiantly they expressed their willingness to raise their black hands in support of  terrorist organizations.  Equally disturbing is the likelihood that if captured by the enemy, these 16 traitorous black females, will flip and become enemy combatants; working against U.S. troops.  Their black-fisted display reveals so much more about themselves then any resume could disclose.

     COPFOX makes the following observations and recommendations to Army Commanders in the field who will be in charge of these 2nd Lieutenants when they are commissioned as Officers; these recommendations are also made to Star Rank Officers, who ultimately bear responsibility for acts of treason or espionage committed by Army personnel:

  • Each of these black women cadets has displayed an allegiance to terrorism by using the black salute
  • Each of these black women cadets will in the future, as Army Officers, be equally susceptible to terrorist doctrine and recruitment
  • These 16 future Army Officers are the weak link in the Army’s constant battle against terrorism and foreign enemies
  • These 16 future Army Officers must be monitored closely and constantly for any potential signs of conspiratorial relationships
  • Enemies of the United States (ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Communists, etc.) will target these individuals for information and potential use as spy’s or moles in Army operations, knowing that they are sympathetic to causes that undermine America’s national stability and security
  • These 16 black women Army Officers should not advance beyond the rank of Army Captain, when they should be summarily discharged from active service in the military – they have already demonstrated their inability to respect and uphold the U.S. Constitution
  • Foreign Intelligence Services have already earmarked these 16 black women Officers as potential recruits in their operations against the United States
  • These 16 black women Army Officers should be monitored closely during their tenure with the U.S. Army, and be given limited access to classified/secret information considering their willingness to align themselves with anti-American groups
  • COPFOX and millions of U.S. military Veterans believe that these 16 future Army Officers represent a security threat to the United States, and should not be assigned to any foreign posts, especially to foreign embassies or any position where troops in combat are subject to their orders
  • COPFOX believes that these 16 future Army Officers will intentionally place US ground troops at risk to further enemy objectives
  • All Army personnel should be constantly vigilant and question the orders given by these 16 black women Officers, especially if they suspect those orders compromise the safety and security of the American people, or the lives of active duty military troops
  • Active duty Army troops who suspect that any of these 16 black women Officers are engaged in treason or espionage should immediately contact the FBI and disclose all facts pertaining to any incidents of concern.




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