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Second Lt. Spenser Rapone during his tenure at West Point openly expressed his involvement and support of Communism.  He did this thru his actions, dress and media promotions.  How is it that those in command at West Point failed to spot his traitorous conduct and allowed him to become an Army Officer?  This speaks volumes about the command at West Point as well as the Instructors there who fail to address serious violations of the West Point Code of Conduct.  Now that this person is a Second Lt. he is subject to the UCMJ which makes it a criminal offense to promote and profess Communism.  The concern of everyone in the Army is how will he conduct himself when stationed in a combat zone in charge of troops.  Will he side with the enemy who are often Communists and Socialists or will he support American troops?  Also, he is undoubtedly now the target of those governments who wish to infiltrate the US Military and obtain secret information or combat plans.  Right now nobody knows if he has already made contact with a foreign enemy government and expressed his willingness to work as a spy.  As an Army Officer, he can provide them with all types of information and assistance, even giving real-time US troop strength and positions.  North Korea, Russia and China would very much enjoy having such a comrade working for them.

Although West Point recently issued a memo regarding their willingness to support the current Army investigation into Rapone’s actions, their efforts are a day late and a dollar short.  They should have expelled Spenser Rapone from the US Military Academy a long time ago.

The events surrounding Second Lt. Spenser Rapone are very similar to those regarding a gang of 16 black female West Point cadets who raised their fists in defiance a year ago.  They looked like hooligans right out of the Black Panther playbook.  West Point took no action against them at the time and now they are dispersed throughout the Army worldwide, promoting radical/revolutionary ideas.

Black Female West Point Cadets Displaying Black Panther Salute

The question now is – “What’s going on at West Point where they allow such subversive actions to take place right under their noses, and why are these Army Officers allowed to remain in the US Military?”  They pose a real and present danger to those brave Army soldiers in the field who are fighting our enemies.  COPFOX strongly recommends the removal of the military command at West Point since they have demonstrated their inability to properly supervise, control and inspire the Cadet Corp.  It is important to recognize that these Cadets enter West Point as ignorant plebes seeking a firm educational foundation for service to America.  The failure of the West Point Superintendent and Commandant to instill the virtues of “Duty, Honor, Country” into these young military recruits is presently on display, and brings dishonor to the Country and could potentially lead to the death of US combat troops fighting overseas.

Communist West Point Cadet Spenser Rapone


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